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Symantec Technical Strategy 100

Public Group | Founded: 15 Dec 2009 | Serving 123 members

Join 100 of the most knowledgeable IT specialists in the world to share ideas that will maximize value and ensure that our products are completely aligned to your technical challenges. With you, we will establish a community of VERITAS software experts to make the most of your investments in Symantec, both now and in the future.

At Symantec, we believe that it is vital we work closely with the individuals who rely on our VERITAS software.

We have specifically targeted you as one of the industry's leading technical minds in storage and availability management and as an established user of our technology you're are invited to become an active member on the Symantec Technical Strategy 100 community.

Group Activity

New discussion 04 Jan 2012
Hi As per my experiment and observation "DLP (version 11.1.1000.10054) can't filter out(Include or Exclude) HTTPS traffic on ip base for endpoint" because Destination IP field in incident detail page is missing. I write the ...
New discussion 13 Dec 2011
Hi, I want to exclude the internal IPs in DLP endpoint for HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols, because it generate false positive incidents. There is field ‘Low Ports Monitored’ if I specify port 80 for HTTP in that field and so on, and if ...
New idea 07 Oct 2011
when generating a log of scans from the SEPM Monitors tab, there is no distinction between "scheduled scan" and "defwatch scan" for example. It would be helpful if this field was added to the exported log (csv or txt). Applies to ...