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new discussion 27 Jul 2016
I am using Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 to make an USB bootable flash drive that will automatically install a .gho image on a remote computer.  These are POS computers running windows XP, and need the HD reimaged on site after failure.  I have the USB booting to WinPE (after choosing USB boot in BIOS) and auto installing the image.  After that, I have it exiting to Winpe cmd ...
updated article 27 Jul 2016
  Purpose: To be able to capture and deploy an image using standard linux tools in the LinuxPE environment.  Requirement: Knowledge of linux imaging tools mount points to the express share or other nfs or cifs location Tools: the tool i use in this experiment is dd (see dd man page) and compression tool gzip.  Process: Capture Image: Optional: you can clear out the udev ...
new event 27 Jul 2016
Whether you are a large enterprise, SMB or just a regular user of the internet, cyber threats are increasing in number and sophistication. Tactics and techniques used today, will be different in another month. What can you do to bolster your security posture or simply increase personal awareness? Every year, Symantec releases it’s threat report (ISTR) which is based on data collected and ...
new event 27 Jul 2016
Topic: Microsoft + Symantec: A Next Generation Approach to Securing Users and Their Devices Speakers: Matt Reid, ITS VP of Risk Management and Troy Whittaker, VP of Systems Management Date: Thu, Aug 4, 2016 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST Details: Today’s cyber risks are forcing organizations to not only leverage technology, but also purchasing power through enrollments and new ...
new blog entry 27 Jul 2016
This article was originally posted on Symantec's Medium publication #iamtech, which explores the experience of minorities and women in tech through engaging personal stories within and outside of Symantec. Standing before a roomful of Symantec inventors at a recent recognition luncheon, I spotted something that made the event bittersweet.  I’d earned an invitation ...
new discussion 27 Jul 2016
CCS on its own cannot determine which user would have made a change to make a server that was previously in-compliance become 'out' of compliance.  I am looking to integrate DCS with CCS in order for a company to find out 'who' whould have made a server change to force that device to not be in compliance with a given CCS policy.   Does anyone have experience with this ...
updated discussion 27 Jul 2016
Can someone create a custom report that shows the computer name and the keyboard attached?  I can see the hardware ID for the keyboard in Resource Manager, but that's only for one device and I want to gather information about all the PCs in my fleet.
new discussion 27 Jul 2016
I have 2 reports that I would like to join somehow.  One of them has informaiton about checked out items: SELECT    [vri2_Computer].[Guid] AS [_ItemGuid],    [vri2_Computer].[Name],    [dca3_Equipment Checkout].[Checked out],    [dca3_Equipment Checkout].[Checkout Date],    [dca3_Equipment Checkout].[User],    ...
new discussion 27 Jul 2016
I know you used to be able to open a report in a new web page using http://Alt_svr/Altiris/reporting/report.aspx?ItemGuid=xxxx&Parameters=Param1:[Param1],Param2:[Param2],... However in our 7.6 installation that doesn't seem to work and the open report in new window uses a different url, http://Alt_svr/Altiris/console/?mainUrl=%2faltiris... which when copied and the Parameters are added ...
new discussion 27 Jul 2016
The CCS APP server uses LDAP port 3890 for directory service. How can we prove this communication occurs over a secure link?