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IS B06: 97% of stolen data is from servers: stop unauthorised access and defend against APT and targeted attacks

Created: 30 Nov 2012 • Updated: 30 Nov 2012
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97% of stolen data is from servers. Malware is often used to compromise desktops, laptops and other mobile devices to provide a "jumping off" point from which an intruder can stage an attack on a server. Protecting servers presents a very different set of challenges to those considered when protecting "user-centric" endpoints. This calls for a different approach.

In this session we will discuss the specific threats that are targeting servers, such as APTs, and how Symantec Critical System Protection can combat them. You will learn how Critical System Protection can prevent advanced attacks from compromising your servers, how it protects the sensitive and confidential data that resides on them and how it maintains server integrity and availability.