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Discovery Accelerator - The Hidden searchable items

Created: 18 Mar 2009 • Updated: 18 Mar 2009 | 4 comments
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All the users that use Discovery Accelerator to search for items within a case know that we can search on emails from or to a user or group of users. We also know that we can search for a phrase or individual words or numbers. We also know we can search for items before, after or between set dates. What most user's don't know is that there are additional search options that can provide more granular search ability.Would it not be nice if one could search only for emails that had 20 TO: recipients or SSID or even by emails with an attachement with a specific name.....Well you can

These items can be access on DA when you open a new search and at the bottom of the screen there is a Miscellaneous option. When you expand this you will see the below. The additional search options are entered into the Other Attribute section of the screen. This does give you a more granular search ability.


The Below table provides you with the details of the items and how to use them.

Description  Name Type Indexed Retrievable Multi-Valued Sortable Max Size
Subject/Title subj String Y Y
Message Priority prio String Y Y
Message Importance impo String Y Y
Message Sensitivity sens String Y
Message Security secu String Y
Message Originator orgn String Y
Original identifier for the item. eg SubmissionId for a sent message iden String Y
Last Modified date of the item mdat Date Y  1 Jan 1970 to 31 Dec 2148
Original identifier for this component of the item. coid String Y
Data type of the item. (eg DOC, XLS,MSG) dtyp String Y
Archived Date adat Date Y  1 Jan 1970 to 31 Dec 2148
Original location of the item. A sequence of folders locn String Y
The last or leaf folder of original location lolf String Y
Original location folder names (ordered) lofn String Y
The item's Saveset identifier ssid String Y Y 72 chars
Shortcut location shct String Y
User who archived the item user String Y
Retention category id rcat String Y 112 chars
Retention category name rcnm String Y 32 chars
Index Sequence number snum Integer Y 64bit integer
VaultEntryId of index containing the item vlid String Y 112 chars
Created, sent/received or archivedDate date Date Y  1 Jan 1970 to 31 Dec 2148
Content cont String Y 120 chars
Languages lang String Y
Categories/Keywords keys String Y
The size of the item in KB size Integer Y 32bit integer
The number of attachments natc Integer Y 32bit integer
Permission VaultIds for the item. (aka Archive Folder VaultIds) pvid String Y 112 chars
Attachment Number. (Zero for top-level item) anum Integer Y 32bit integer
Expiry date for the item edat Date Y  1 Jan 1970 to 31 Dec 2148
Number of days to expiry for the item  ndte Integer Y 32bit integer
Rank value of the item when sorted by relevance (0 to 1000) rank Integer Y 32bit integer
The item's original MAPI Message Class. (e.g IPM.Note,) msgc String Y
Message Flag Status flag Integer Y 32bit integer
Reason for missing content comr String Y
UTC value of Date! utcd Date Y  1 Jan 1970 to 31 Dec 2148
Attachments only: the author of the top-level item taut String Y
Attachments only: the subject/title of the top-level item tsub String Y
Attachments only: the size of the top-level item in KB tsiz Integer Y 32bit integer
Conversation tracking GUID cnid String Y
Index Volume identity of the volume containing the item ivid Integer Y 32bit integer
Index Volume Set identity of the volume set containing the item vsid Integer Y 32bit integer
Message Recipient (Union of redn, reea, resm & reot) recp String Y
Message Recipient display/friendly name (Union of rtdn, rcdn, rbdn & redn) redn String Y
Message Recipient e-mail address (Union of rtea, rcea, rbea & reea) reea String Y
Message Recipient SMTP e-mail address (Union of rtsm, rcsm, rbsm & resm) resm String Y
Message Recipient Other e-mail address (union of rtot, rcot, rbot & reot) reot String Y
TO: Recipient reto String Y 256 chars
TO: Recipient display/friendly name rtdn String Y
TO: Recipient e-mail address (Union of rtsm & rtot) rtea String Y
TO: Recipient SMTP e-mail address rtsm String Y
TO: Recipient Other e-mail address rtot String Y
CC: Recipient recc String Y Y 256 chars
CC: Recipient display/friendly name rcdn String Y
CC: Recipient e-mail address (Union of rcsm & rcot) rcea String Y
CC: Recipient SMTP e-mail address rcsm String Y
CC: Recipient Other e-mail address rcot String Y
BCC: Recipient rbcc String Y Y 256 chars
BCC: Recipient display/friendly name rbdn String Y
BCC: Recipient e-mail address (Union of rbsm & rbot) rbea String Y
BCC: Recipient SMTP e-mail address rbsm String Y
BCC: Recipient Other e-mail address rbot String Y
Other Envelope Recipient renv String Y Y 256 chars
Other Envelope Recipient display/friendly name rndn String Y
Other Envelope Recipient e-mail address (Union of rnsm & rnot) rnea String Y
Other Envelope Recipient SMTP e-mail address rnsm String Y
Other Envelope Recipient Other e-mail address rnot String Y
Number of Recipients nrcp Integer Y 32bit integer
Number of TO: Recipients nrto Integer Y 32bit integer
Number of CC: Recipients nrcc Integer Y 32bit integer
Number of BCC: Recipients nrbc Integer Y 32bit integer
Number of Other Envelope Recipients nren Integer Y 32bit integer
Author (Union of audn, auea, ausm, auot, writ, from & ppgn) auth String Y
Author display/friendly name audn String Y
Author e-mail address (Union of ausm & auot) auea String Y
Author SMTP e-mail address ausm String Y
Author Other e-mail address auot String Y
Writer (Union of ppdn, ppea, ppot) writ String Y
Writer display/friendly name wrdn String Y
Writer e-mail address (Union of wrsm & wrot) wrea String Y
Writer SMTP e-mail address wrsm String Y
Writer Other e-mail address wrot String Y
FROM: (Union of rfrdn, frea, frsm & frot) from String Y
FROM: display/friendly name frdn String Y
FROM: e-mail address (Union of frsm & frot) frea String Y
FROM: SMTP e-mail address frsm String Y
FROM: Other e-mail address frot String Y
PP (Union of ppdn, ppea, ppsm & ppot) ppgn String Y
PP display/friendly name ppdn String Y
PP Exchange e-mail address ppea String Y
PP SMTP e-mail address ppsm String Y
PP Other e-mail address ppot String Y
Name (Union of recp, auth) name String Y
Name display/friendly name (Union of redn & audn) nadn String Y
Name Exchange e-mail address (Union of reea & auea) naea String Y
Name SMTP e-mail address (Union of resm & ausm) nasm String Y
Name Other e-mail address (Union of reot & auot) naot String Y
Text (Union of cont & subj) text String Y
Enterpise Vault defined custom properties Name Type Indexed Retrievable Multi-Valued Sortable Max Size
Type of the message. E.g. EXCH, IM.IMLogic, Bloomberg, Vault.MsgType String Y Y
Message direction. Eg undefined, internal, external-in, external-out Vault.MsgDirection String Y Y 32bit integer as a string
If message is a Journal Message, the type of Journal message Vault.JournalType String Y Y
Enterpise Vault FSA defined custom properties Name Type Indexed Retrievable Multi-Valued Sortable Max Size
Original Name of file at the point of archival EVFSA.OriginalFileName String Y Y
Indicator that item was imported from DLM EVFSADLMImport.DLM String Y Y
Enterpise Vault Sharepoint defined custom properties Name Type Indexed Retrievable Multi-Valued Sortable Max Size
Document title EVSP.Title String Y Y
SharePoint documentId EVSP.DocId String Y Y
Document version EVSP.Version String Y
Check in comment EVSP.Comment String Y
Display name of document editor EVSP.Editor String Y Y
Domain name (Windows account name) of document author EVSP.CreatedBy String Y Y
Domain name (Windows account name) of document editor EVSP.ModifiedBy String Y Y
SharePoint Site Id EVSP.SiteId String Y Y
SharePoint Site name EVSP.Site String Y
SharePoint Site Url EVSP.SiteUrl String Y Y
Customer configurable properties - any SharePoint property EVSPP.<Sharepoint property name> String Y Y
CA Journal Connector defined custom properties Name Type Indexed Retrievable Multi-Valued Sortable Max Size
The set of CA Department Ids that the item's author is a member of KVSCA.DeptAuthor String Y Y Y
The set of CA Department Ids that the item's recipients are members of KVSCA.DeptRecips String Y Y Y
The union of KVSCA.DeptAuthor and KVSCA.DeptRecips KVSCA.Department String Y Y Y


I think anyone who would like more detailed searching ability within DA other than the standard fields should do some testing with these as they can prove to be very helpful in narrowing your search results and making your legal discovery more targetted.

Please Note: This directly relates to Discovery Accelerator users that use the WEB interface. The abilities ar available in Discovery Accelerator 8 but this article is written as a DA7.5 user

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Matthew Kimler's picture

Is this listed in any of the documentation? I've never seen this before and it's insane that this is not part of the normal documentation!!!

Thank you so much for posting!

Matthew Kimler 

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zubkoff.s's picture

Perfect. This additional attributes significantly extend my search operations. But unfortunately I couldn't find examples values for some attributes.

For example I want to execute case in DA based on "Message Security" attribute. Another words - fetch messages that had protections\digital signature.

Message Security - Searches for messages according to whether the author has digitally signed or encrypted them.

Message Security - Type=String (???). What is this: 1\0? Yes\No? True\False? 



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zubkoff.s's picture

 The following attribute doesn't work - secu.

This answer was provided by Symantec support. This attribute exist, but hasn't any value. It might be support on-demand of big customer, or in a future for next EV rel.


Probably the same situation with some other attributes. Use carefull.


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Kenneth Adams's picture

Folks, we have published HOWTO96071 that provides a listing of the searchable indexed attributes common to EV.  This article also has related articles for other, more specialized, index attributes (i.e., for CA related index attributes).


HOWTO96071, "Standard Enterprise Vault search properties",

This article is good for EV 10 as well as EV 11, but this specific article is associated with EV 11.0.

Some of the index properties (or attributes, if you prefer calling them that) have examples of how to use them.

Ken Adams

Backline Support for CA, DA, ACE, UCE, PSTD, ARMS, EVDC
US Support Region

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