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DLO Agent MP7 Installing Errors Resolution

Created: 28 Apr 2013 • Updated: 02 May 2013 | 5 comments
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Hi All

I have installed Netbackup DLO Agent mp7 for about approx 60 users and upgraded them from mp3 version to mp7 , for one of our customer

so i have gone through a lot of experience and errors when i upgraded DLO Agent 

Which i want to share you with Symantec TECH notes references , hope it will help thousands of DLO Users who have gone through DLO Agent Installation

1. Error: Failed to load configuration settings

What i have done , i have uninstalled the DLO Agent , installed Dlo Agent again, log in as domain user and password ,Check the computer name, and add the computer name on DLO Server bu using new user wizard , by browsing the domain user, and give the storage location selection , and made the Backup folder on DLO Agent as D:\Backup , and then check the backup ,it started working sucessfully.

2. dlo error v-139-57-364-7

.dlo error v-139-57-364-7.JPG DLO Client fails to connect to server with the error "Unable to configure the Desktop Agent"
Article:TECH63690  |  Created: 2010-02-08  |  Updated: 2012-03-06  |  Article URL

3.When restoring data from dlo netbackup agent gives error V-139-35840-20135

4.NetBackup Desktop Laptop Option (DLO) backup fails with Event ID V-139-52224-20050 Access Denied

Article:TECH181436  |  Created: 2012-02-14  |  Updated: 2012-02-14  |  Article URL

5.DLO Desktop Agent fails to initialize with error V-139-52224-990

Article:TECH189643  |  Created: 2012-05-24  |  Updated: 2012-08-10  | 

Article URL

6.Error installing Desktop and Laptop Option Agent. Error 1720. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package.

Article:TECH127100  |  Created: 2010-01-08  |  Updated: 2011-04-25  |  Article URL

7.DLO Agent shows "Working Offline" and does the Local backup only. The status shows a long list of files as "Pending Network" on the DLO Agent console.

Article:TECH128779  |  Created: 2010-01-14  |  Updated: 2013-04-09  |  Article URL

8.DLO Client fails to connect to server with the error "Unable to configure the Desktop Agent"

Article:TECH63690  |  Created: 2010-02-08  |  Updated: 2012-03-06  |  Article URL

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CraigV's picture is this an article? It should be a blog...!

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Michael G Andersen's picture

inn_kam please make sure you post in the relevant forum, this has absolutely nothing to do with Netbackup 7.6 Beta

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hi michel i have updated it, now not showing in NB 7.6 Beta 

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ishaq's picture

hello , 

can any person tell me in dlo 7.5 can we make the storage location on the nas ??? if yes then give the steps to make it .


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Vladimir Vucinic's picture

Hi Ishaq,

Yes, NAS is supported as long as it supports CIFS and is configured to be visible as "Windows Share". Then, you can just add Storage Location per instructions in DLOAdminGuide_EN.pdf (page 125 and 126) that can be found on

Best regards, 

Vladimir Vucinic
Net++ technology

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