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How to add custom data to existing processes like Incident Management, Change Management etc

Created: 30 Jan 2014 • Updated: 27 Feb 2014 | 4 comments
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Step1. Create an Integration Library with User Defined Type with DB Mapping (ORM).

Custom Data 1.jpg  

Step2. Add Process Data Class to the IMExtendedDemoORM

Custom Data 2.jpgCustom Data 3.jpg

Step3. Add Properties as needed. For this example I have added Some Text, Number, Date, Logical and Choice List. Click next once you have all the required properties.

Custom Data 4.jpgCustom Data 5.jpg

Add Index for the Data if needed and created the DataType and hit Finish. Once it’s completed it will generate the required code for the same. 

Custom Data 6.jpgCustom Data 7.jpg

Step4. Now click the “Included Libraries” button and add the Symantec.ServiceDesk.IM.Automation.dll to bind this custom data with Incident Management Automation library 

Custom Data 8.jpgCustom Data 9.jpg

Custom Data 10.jpg

Step5. Click Add in the Generator and Select Automation Library Generator. When it asks to choose Service ID select “Use Existing Automation Library” and select Incident Management. Once done hit Compile and Close.

Custom Data 11.jpg Custom Data 12.jpg

Custom Data 13.jpgCustom Data 14.jpg

Custom Data 15.jpg

Step6. Now login to the Process Manager Portal with an admin account preferably native admin account ( and go to Admin>Portal>Plugin Upload, and select Plugin Type as Automation Library and uploaded the IMExtendedDemo.dll file from “C:\Program Files\Symantec\Workflow\Shared\customlib”, Once uploaded restart the IIS to reflect changes in  Process Automation 

Custom Data 16.jpg

Step7. Refresh the IE or Close it and re-open it and login with admin account and go to Admin>Process Automation and you’ll see that IMExtendedDemoDataType next to Incident Management

Custom Data 17.jpg

You can see the New DataType are added to Condition and Actions of Ruleset, Email templates and Reports.  

Custom Data 18.jpg

Custom Data 19.jpg

Custom Data 20.jpg

Custom Data 21.jpg

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jbrown's picture

When adding "Automation Library Generator" for a data type that is not extened from IM or CM, is there a way to get the assign task or route actions in the Process Automation rules? 

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SandeepShrivastava's picture

Yes, this can be done from either using "Send process to Workflow" and then workflow take care of the assign task and routing action. Or you can modify the code generated in the integration library from Advance option, Save source code, now open the saved code in visual studio modify it as per your requirement and compile it.

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Callander's picture

I have added the custom data field to Incident Management and it works as expeted. The field is available in reports and in rules automation.

After that I tried to add this field in the Edit Incident form (SD.IncidentManagementSimple.Classification/Form.aspx) but the custom data field does not seem to be available in the form. Is it possible to add it?

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TGiles's picture


In order to be able to modify the extended data in the Classification project you will need to make sure you've added the new custom library dll file to the project. Once you've done that you will have the ability to load, edit, & save the custom data.

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