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How to export device IDs from Application and Device control policy

Created: 31 Jul 2013 • Updated: 01 Aug 2013
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Hello All,

It is sometime necessary to list all the Device Ids which are added in the Application and Device Control policy.

This is not possible with the default SEPM reports.

Here are the steps to export all the manually added Device IDs:

  1. Open Application and Device control policy


2) Right Click on the policy and select export


3) The file will be exported with .dat extension. Save the file


4) Rename the file as .zip file


5) Once renamed we need to extract the file using winzip. Right click on the .Zip file and extract it


6) Once the file is extracted you will find a single file named Main.xml. All the information are stored in this .XML file. Lets open this

 file in excel.


7) Open Excel

      a. Click on File -Click on Open

      b. Select the Main.xml saved in Step 6


8) Excel will prompt "How would you like to open this file". Select the first option "As an XML Table"


9) Click Ok for the message


10) Now do a search for DeviceClassGuid.


11) Device IDs will be way down the column so , lets Sort the DeviceClassGuid Column I sorted from A-Z


12) These are the Device IDs - 


Hope this was helpful.