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How to Import Expired Netbackup Images

Created: 03 Jul 2013 • Updated: 09 Jul 2013 | 1 comment
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How to Import Expired Netbackup Images

In this article I will explain you 'how to import expire images in Symantec Netbackup'. Importing expire images in Netbackup is a two steps process. I have performed this steps in my LAB to show you the process of Netbackup import feature.

Phase 1: In phase one of import, Netbackup server mounts the media and reads the header information of tape media to calculate total number of files available in tape media.

Phase 2: In second step NetBackup recreate the files information in the images database. This process take some time to complete depending on the number and size of images being imported.

Once the Phase 2 import is complete, the image has the same retention level as the original backup and a new expiration date calculated as the import date plus the retention period defined currently in Host Properties for the original backup's retention level.  At this point, the image is restorable like the original backup.

Steps to Import Netbackup Images:

Phase 1:

1- In this example I have taken full file level backup of one Linux server on tape media and then expire the same backup image from Netbackup catalog.


2- After deleting  the image from Netbackup catalog. Select catalog option in Netbackup console and select import wizard button it is available at top of Catalog window. This button will open up 'Intitialize import' dialog box. In this dialog box select 'image type' as tape and enter the media ID of tape media.


4- Click OK button to initialize first phase of Import process.


5- To check the status of import goto result tab or goto activity monitor to see the job status.



Phase 2:

1- Once phase 1 of import is completed again goto catalog console and select import in Actions and initiate the search process.

2- It will show you the list of images availble in tape media.

3- Select the required backup image and click on import to initiate second phase of import.


4- Check the status of import from activity monitor or from results tab in catalog console.



5- Once the second phase is completed again goto catalog console and verify the backup image. Import process again adds the backup image information in catalog database.


I hope the information in this document will helps you during import of expire Netbackup images.


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Backup is in Unix Environment.. It is possible to do tape import process in Windows NB environment ?

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