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How to perform Netbackup catalog Backup and Restore operations - Part2

Created: 02 Jul 2013 • Updated: 08 Jul 2013
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Netbackup Catalog Recovery

In this document I will explain you ‘how to recover your Netbackup server using Catalog data’.

Following are the steps to recover the Netbackup Catalogs data on new machine.

1. Reinstall the operating system and configure the server with same OS and hostname as the original Netbackup master server.

2. Install the Netbackup software and configure this server as a primary Netbackup master server.

3. Reattached tape library and configure storage unit in new Netbackup master server.

4. On Netbackup console, select Catalog Recovery Wizard as shown below:


5. Enter the location of DR File and follow wizard steps to recover the catalog as shown below:


6. Netbackup server will read the DR file and informs that all files for catalog recovery are available to restore the catalog data.


7.  After the media located, select the option 'Recover entire Netbackup catalog'.


8. The next screen shows you the status of recovery process.

9. The last screen shows you the recovery is complete and to restart the netbackup services.

10. After restarting the services log on to Netbackup admin console and verify your netbackup configurations.

Please refer following link to understand recovery process of Netbackup catalog image files.