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How to Send Email Notifications to the Group Email Address Instead of Individuals In Service Desk

Created: 23 Mar 2012 • Updated: 23 Mar 2012 | 3 comments
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By default in the SD.IncidentManagement workflow project the Send Email to Group embedded model is disabled. This model sends email notifications to each individual in the a group if an incident has been assigned to the group. This is nice but it would be even better if it sent it to the group email instead? To make this change please follow these steps:

1. Open up the SD.IncidentManagement project. Click on the Initial Diagnosis model. Double-click on the Initial Diagnosis Dialog Workflow. Click on Event Configuration and click on the [...] beside the Start Process 

2. In the model you will see a Send Email To Group embedded model which is grayed out and disabled

3. Right-click on the component and Edit Component. Go to the Settings tab and check the Enable box

4. Double-click on the Send Email To Group component.

5. Delete the GetUsersInGroup component and replace it with a GetGroupByID1 component

6. Double-click on the GetGroupByID1 and configure it as shown below

7. Double-click on the Send Email (with High Priority) and change the variable as shown below

8. Double-click on Send Email (with Normal Priority) and change the variable as shown below

9. Exit the Send Email To Group component. On the right hand side there is some error handling components. We are going to add an additional error handling to the Send Email to Group so that if for some reason the email cannot be sent (for example an email was not put in for the group), the task will still be created

10. Copy the Catch Send Email, Log Error and Go To Assignment components. Rename the new Exception Trigger By Component Catch Send Email To Group

11. Double-click on Catch Send Email To Group and the drop-down list select Send Email To Group

Save the project, publish it and restart IIS and test to make sure the email is sent to the group email instead of individuals in the group

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In Step 5 above, is the "GetGroupByID1" component identical to our "Get Group By ID" component? Is it required that our component be renamed to GetGroupByID1?

Versions: ServiceDesk 7.1 SP2 (7.1.2) and Workflow Solution 7.1.1460.1974

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I don't have SP2 handy but the reason why I used GetGroupByID1 is because it doesn't have the ConnectionContextName input as I'm not sure what value goes in there and no you don't have to rename the component as all it's looking for is the Output variable.

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We should now use instead the routing/notification rule, out with sp2, isn't it?

I see the "notication/routing" embedded the predefined ITIL workflows were not "moved" this new GUI part, so we still have to modify the workflows instead of using this new sp2 feature. :(

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