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How to use the %COMPUTERID% token in Notification Server 7

Created: 06 Oct 2010 • Updated: 20 Oct 2010 | 1 comment
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When creating a Run Script task, you are given the option to insert a token. Tokens allow you to work with computer specific information from the database in your script. Using tokens, you can write very powerful scripts. The Computer ID token is available for Deployment Server 6.9. It is used often during scripts to file names unique to the computer and for a number of other purposes. Unfortunately, this token is not available on Notification Server 7.0. However, you can specify a custom Computer ID token. Here is how:

  1. Open the Tokens configuration page. Token configuration can be found in one of two ways.
    a.  In the Altiris Console, click Settings->All Settings, then go to Settings/Notification Server/Task Settings/Tokens
    b.  While editing a Run Script Task, click the Create/Edit button next to “Insert Token”
  2. Click the “New token” button.
  3. For the token name, enter COMPUTERID
  4. For the SQL Statement, enter the following:
  5. Click the “Save changes” button.
  6. Close the Tokens configuration page.
Now you can reference the Computer ID by using the token %COMPUTERID% in your Run Script tasks.

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Thanks Condorman, where can we find a list of usable ID's for the SQL part....

I think i could use this more with Location or IP Address ranges :-)

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