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IA L07: Setup, Configure and Manage Virtual Business Services Across a Multi-Tier Application Deployment with Veritas Cluster Server's: Part 1 & 2

Created: 01 May 2013 • Updated: 03 May 2013
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Gaining visibility and understanding application risk is touted as the biggest challenge and the most critical requirement to continuing business operations. Symantec Virtual Business Service (VBS) powered by Veritas Cluster Server, can help you get there step by step with minimal disruption to your current data center environment. With VBS, you can visualize a multi tier application end to end (application to spindle) across virtual or physical assets, take corrective actions if applications come offline in different clusters across multiple operating systems and hardware platforms. You can also create a robust disaster recovery architecture to protect from site failures of your entire multi tier application in conjunction with your existing replication solution. In fact Virtual Business Services can become the foundation of your resilient private cloud infrastructure.

Attend this session, and be one among the first to get hands-on experience with Virtual Business Services (VBS) to see for yourself how you can SIMPLIFY the management and control of your multi tier applications.

Speaker: Niclas Blaback