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IM B43: NetBackup 7.5 Catalog Migration Considerations

Created: 18 May 2012
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Upgrading to 7.5 brings many new features to NetBackup and some changes to how the Netbackup catalog is stored. Symantec worked with a large financial firm to develop metrics around how long it takes for the catalog migration with a 5 million image catalog and the benefits that the company gained by going to this new image model. This session will cover how long it takes to migrate catalog image headers into EMM using a guided method after the upgrade. The guided method is a way to migrate catalog images into EMM in parallel to speed up the catalog migration process. The customer gained significant efficiencies in how long NetBackup image related commands take to run after upgrading to the new catalog format and also significantly reduced their catalog backup times, catalog recovery times and image cleanup times. The session will be covering all of the improvements the customer gained by upgrading to Netbackup 7.5 with the new EMM based catalog header format.

Presenters: David Smiley and Geoff Staford (Barclays)