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Mobile Email Monitor

Created: 17 Feb 2014 • Updated: 18 Feb 2014 | 2 comments
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Symantec Data Loss Prevention Mobile Email Monitor provides you with the ability to monitor your company's confidential information when it is  ownloaded from your corporate network to the native email client on supported iOS devices. You can create reports outlining sensitive information from emails that are downloaded to the mobile devices. You can also schedule these reports to be sent and received regularly. The reports continuously create a record of sensitive information that is downloaded to mobile devices. If the devices are lost or stolen, you can identify what downloaded emails left your corporation with the devices. You can use the information that Mobile Email Monitor provides you about downloaded content to define mobile security policies for your corporation. Mobile Email Monitor can support your company's Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy because it does not require  nstallation of any applications or components on personal mobile devices. In addition, Mobile Email Monitor does not inspect information generated by personal applications installed on mobile devices. The following figure provides an overview of how an email downloaded to a mobile device is monitored when Symantec Data Loss Prevention Mobile Email Monitor is installed in a corporate environment.

Mobile Email Monitor.PNG

Above Figure shows Mobile Email Monitor Overview


A] Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Server

B] Reverse Web proxy - Mobile Email Monitor and Mobile Prevent are both included in the Symantec Data Loss Prevention for Mobile license.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention Mobile Email Monitor compatibility and information :

Symantec Data Loss Prevention Mobile Email Monitor and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync compatibility

The following lists the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync versions that are compatible with Symantec Data Loss Prevention Mobile Email Monitor on various devices.

ActiveSync Versions                                           Devices                                                Mail Applications

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync                             iPad                                                      iOS native email
2007 and 2010

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync                             iPhone                                                  iOS native email
2007 and 2010

Above details describe Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync versions compatible with by Mobile Email Monitor

 Symantec Data Loss Prevention for Mobile device and operating system compatibility

The following table lists the devices and Operating systems that are compatible with Symantec Data Loss Prevention Mobile Email Monitor.

 Device                                                            Operating Systems

iPhone                                                              iOS
iPad                                                                 iOS

Above details describe Mobile devices and Operating systems and compatible with Mobile Email Monitor

 Symantec Data Loss Prevention Mobile Prevent Compatibility and Information  :

Symantec Data Loss Prevention for Mobile compatibility

The following table lists the iOS applications and response rules that are supported by Mobile Prevent. See the Symantec Data Loss  revention Administration Guide for more information on creating policies and response rules.

Note: Applications for iOS are frequently updated. The following table lists the application versions that have been verified for functionality with Mobile Prevent.

Application                                  Device              Block Response Rule              Content Removal Response Rule

Dropbox version 1.5.6                   ipad/iphone            Yes                                         Yes

Facebook with chat version           ipad/iphone            Yes                                         Yes
Note: Chat feature is not

Gmail version 1.1                         ipad/iphone             No                                           No
Note: Supported only
for monitoring.

Goodreader version 3.18.6             iPad                       Yes                                        Yes
Note: FTP support only.

ActiveSync (iOS native                  iPad                       Yes                                        Yes
Note: Microsoft Exchange
2003, 2007, and 2010

ActiveSync (iOS native                  iPhone                     Yes                                         No
Note: Microsoft Exchange
2003, 2007, and 2010

Mobile Prevent supports the following Web applications through the Safari Web browser for iPads and iPhones (for iOS versions 4.3.4, 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.1, 5.1.1. 6.0, and 6.0.1). This table also lists the supported type of response rules available for each Web application.

Below description shows Web applications and response rules supported by Mobile Prevent

Application                              Block Response Rule              Content Removal Response Rule

AOL                                             Yes                                                    Yes

Facebook                                     Yes                                                    Yes

Gmail                                            No                                                     No

Windows Live Mail                         Yes                                                    Yes

Yahoo! Mail                                   Yes                                                    Yes

Twitter                                          Yes                                                     No

The following iOS components and applications are not supported in this release of Symantec Data Loss Prevention Mobile Prevent:
i]   SMTP and IMAP messaging
ii]   iCloud functionality
iii]  iTunes wireless synchronization

Note: iTunes synchronization is supported using a USB cable. See the documentation that comes with your mobile device for more information.

iv]  Netflix for iPad application

For more reference please refer my previous article

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Thumbs UP for your efforts.yes

Regards, M.R

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ahoetzing's picture

Hi Lion,

i got two questions for you:

1) Is the only supported ActiveSync CLient iOS? Or do they also support Blackberry 10+?

2) Is it possible to prevent the Users on the Mobile Devices to send out attachments via ActiveSync? We just need to prevent them to SEND them, not to receive.

Best Regards


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