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Overview of the OpenStorage Software Development Kit (SDK)

Created: 22 Nov 2009 • Updated: 22 Jul 2010
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The OpenStorage API enables partners to tightly integrate their disk-based storage devices with NetBackup.  Using the OpenStorage SDK and developer support from Symantec, partners develop plug-ins to their storage device that allow NetBackup to control when backup images are created, duplicated, and deleted. The storage device controls how the images are stored and copied between storage devices.  The end result is separation of backup business logic from storage device implementation. 

OpenStorage plug-ins are installed on all NetBackup media servers that are connected to the storage device.  The OpenStorage API enables protocol independent communication allowing partners to choose whatever protocol they desire (FC, SCSI, TCP/IP) for sending data from their plug-in to their storage device.

Joint customers benefit from better performance and utilization of their storage assets.  Using OpenStorage-enabled storage devices, NetBackup administrators can better leverage the features inherent in those devices such as replication and data deduplication. 

To gain access to the OpenStorage API, partners can apply for membership in the Symantec Technology Enabled Program (STEP) by contacting

For more information on OpenStorage, visit
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