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Packaging Internet Explorer 8

Created: 31 Mar 2008 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010 | 4 comments
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A lot of you are waiting for the newest release of the Internet Explorer 8, so I packaged it.

That task was easier said than done. I had to check out a lot of settings to get it running, and now I'm going to tell you how to start and package Internet Explorer 8.

This beta version is intended for developers who can see if their web sites comply with the new version.

First of all, go to:

Download Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 and put the Web at your service for you and your customers. This beta is aimed at Web developers and designers to help them take advantage of new features in Internet Explorer 8 that will enhance their websites.

Download the beta version of Internet Explorer 8. Internet Explorer 8 is currently available in English.

After the download, you will notice that it is only 11MB. Microsoft only gives you the online installer. After starting the install it will check your system, and it will download the necessary software you need for your system only.

In real life, this means you can not make a package and deploy it through all your computers.

But also this process can be fooled.

I downloaded the Windows XP/Windows 2003 version. That is the version I wish to package.

I copied the download to a VMware machine that also runs Wise Package studio 7. (The package can NOT be created with SVS capturing).

And then I started building a MSI installer. Why not a VSA at once? Because of the download behaviour. I needed more software then my machine needs.

I started a capturing and first it scans my PC. Because of the fact that the machine was very clean, it needed lots of software.

Then it goes downloading the needed software.

And finally it installs Internet Explorer 8.

During the installation I marked the temp directory as read only, so the installation was not able to delete the temporary files.

After the installation finishes, you need to answer the question if you wish to restart, or not. Seems a little bug in the installation, because I cannot get this screen to close. Whatever I choose, only after clicking three or four times the screen closes.

I do NOT reboot my machine.

First I wish to build the WSI file.

Then I restart the computer.

After restarting, I built the MSI file, and that is the one I captured with SVS.

So step 2 in the whole process:
Start SVS, and create a package by using the initial MSI. After building the MSi, doubleclick the de-activated layer, and go to c:\windows\ie8, and copy iexplore.exe to the root of c:

Go to start and update the layer you built by starting the iexplore.exe you just created. Now Iexplore gets your settings for that machine, and they are captured inside the layer.

After finishing you can delete the iexplore from the root of c:\

Step 3: Start using Internet Explorer.

Erik Westhovens

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Jordan's picture

Even though most of the juice regulars know this I'm posting this statement for those that aren't as familiar with certain juice rules.

IE (any version) is not supported by Symantec as something can be virtualize in SVS, if you can get Erik's example working that's great but if you have problems post them here so the Juice community can help you with any issues.

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erikw's picture

If you wish to have the VSA, let me know at manage fusion in Las Vegas!
You can find me at the stand of DeltaISIS.

Regards Erik Dinamiqs is the home of VirtualStorm (

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mark.miller's picture

Hi Erik:
Can you send me the VSA? 

Thanks, Mark

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Jordan's picture

Why not make one yourself?  It's farily simple:

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