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Putting it All Together! Deployment Solution 7.1 Landing Page

Created: 21 Mar 2013 • Updated: 25 Nov 2013 | 13 comments
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Welcome to Putting it All Together!

A Document and Video series for Deployment Solution 7.1!

Updated / Finalized October 28, 2013

In hopes of removing some of the mystery and challenge of Deployment Solution 7.1, this series was developed.

As time will allow, I'll try to do the same for the 7.5 release.  For now, consider the content in this specific version / series to be closed.  Future released content will all focus on 7.5




Overview of this document series:

The Goal?

  • To demonstrate visually how to use and troubleshoot the product with Video demonstrations
  • To give step-by-step instructions in how to use the product via Getting Started white-papers
  • To explain how the product works for advanced users
  • To provide advanced product troubleshooting and/or functionality through scripts, samples, detailed white papers, and video presentations.
  • To add use-case scenarios to help in understanding how Deployment Solution will fit in your environment
  • To add depth and breadth to the currently published documentation
  • To demonstrate how to fix or work-around current issues in the product
  • To improve the overal "user experience" or ROI of the product.
  • To reduce your need to call Support!



Simplified How-To Documents and Videos

Links Title, Brief Description, and Content explanation




Title: Putting It All Together: Getting Started (Quick Start) Guide

Congratulations on purchasing Deployment Solution 7.1.  This document, and the related videow, are designed to help you get started with the product.  Small companies, or companies building a lab is the target of this content.  This is a significant upgrade to the old Support Quick Start guide in the KB, and like that guide, is meant to help anyone new with the product get going.  There are other sections dedicated to troubleshooting and/or more advanced functionality.


Document: includes Preparation & Testing,Scalability issues, a brief on Hierarchy considerations, a Step-by-step quick-start to getting up and running, and some common issues.

The Videos mostly follow or enhance the Step-by-step guide in the document:

  • Video Part 1: Covers preparation of the SMP for Deployment Solution, including configuring policies and building an appropriate Site Server.
  • Video Part 2: Covers getting Deployment Solution ready, including the DS policies, configuring the site server for DS, DS contents on the site server, PXE readiness, and preboot configurations.
  • Video Part 3: Covers the basics of capturing image including building the tasks, job, and assigning it to a connected system.
  • Video Part 4: Covers the basics of deploying an image including building the tasks, job, and assiging it to computers via Initial Deployment or jobs (e.g. reimaging)



Title: Putting It All Together: The Best of Two Versions - DS 6.9 and 7.1

When deciding to upgrade, or even simply which version to use, there are many questions, and concerns, including supportability, migration, and the pros and cons of both product versions.  This document hopes to help unwind that problem and assist you in making the right choice for you.  It is designed for anyone comparing the two products for any reason, such as pre-sales, migration either direction, or perhaps those using the two in tandem.


The document covers the topics below.  There are no reasonable ways to capture this in videos.

  • Understanding the fundamental differences in the two versions.
  • Understanding how each version fits in the Symantec Endpoint Management portfolio.
  • Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each version of Deployment Solution.
  • Understanding how to migrate from 6.9 to 7.1.
  • Understanding how to migrate from 7.1 to 6.9.
  • Knowing how to integrate both versions during a migration or longer.


Advanced Use & Customization Documents and Videos

Links Title, Brief Description, and Content explanation

Title: DS 7.1 Samples!

This is a set of samples that can be installed into the product.  There is limited support for these because they're not from Dev, but it's a good starting point for getting to know the product, and do a bit of custom work with it as well.


Title: DS 7.1 Dataflow and Architecture (Updated July 2013)

This presentation-like document is a deep-dive into the inner workings of the product.  It's very useful for both explaining what is (or is not) happening, and for troubleshooting.  The Architecture part of the document attempts to describe most of the product that otherwise you'd never see or know about, with details beyond what the standard documentation provides.  The Dataflow section then breaks down the processes themselves in a dataflow format where you can see what happens first, and who talks to whom.


TitlePutting it All Together: Scaling Deployment Solution to the Enterprise

DS works, but how do you make it work across a HUGE organization?  Far-flung Sites? Multiple SMP Servers?  Will DS work with Hierarchy and if so, with what limitations?  Mid-scale to large companies who want to ensure reasonable performance and compatibility of Deployment Solution with their needs will be interested in this document.  It is designed to assist in the planning stages to ensure mistakes are not made that may become costly.

This is a document only for videos are unreasonable.  The document contents include:

  • Preparation / Testing
  • Installation and Configuration Recommendations
  • Hierarchy
  • Site Management and Considerations
  • Task & Package Server
  • Moving or Removing the Symantec Agent
  • Deployment Server and Mobile Computing


Video Title: Putting It All Together Video: Customizing Policies

This video demonstrates the "good" way to modify the built-in policies for DS for pilot testing and/or hierarchy scenarios.  It also shows how to overcome a problem where a policy may be missing a package link.


Video Title: Hardware Independent Imaging in DS 7.1

This Three-part video mini-series will discuss essentially the two parts to HII or Hardware Independent Imaging as used in Deployment Solution 7.1.  Part 1 (Complete!) is an overview of what it is and how to achieve it, mostly dealing with the front-end of the process and assuming all goes well.  Part 2 (Complete!) is a deep-dive into how to get the most from DA, common issues, getting around limitations, debugging, etc.  It was long enough we had to split it up.


Video Title: Using WinPE 3.1 and 4.1 with DS 7.1 (unsupported)

CANCELLED!! - instead, we have a KB with an "official" support of PE 4.1 in DS (including UEFI support): HOWTO85100


Video Title: Customizing WinPE for your environment

This video will show how to add elements to WinPE for greater usability while in automation, including adding a thin-version of PCA for remote control (useful for remote imaging), and using BGInfo for system identification.



Title / Link Description

Title: Task to capture logs from Automation

To aid in troubleshooting, here's a task you can build to capture all your automation logs including those from Windows post-imaging if need be.


Video Title: Troubleshooting in WinPE

Meant to demonstrate most of the basics of finding what's going on while in automation, if it's NOT what you expected!  There's a very good chance this will solve your problems, but if not, you'll be very well prepared to call support


Video Title: Putting It All Together Videos: Troubleshooting Packages in DS 7.1

Meant to help you understand how DS packages work, are unique compared to others, and how to troubleshoot specific issues related to them, including some known issues around missing packages, retrying downloads, an extra Backslash that appears in images, and problems when upgrading automation folders.



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dlopes's picture

Very much appreciated :) Keep it comming!!!

Daniel Lopes de Oliveira
Technical Team Leader - Endpoint Management & Mobility

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Saeed's picture

Good work

If a forum post solves your problem, please flag it as a solution. If you like an article, blog post or download vote it up.

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Tu Vu's picture

We have problem to deploy Altiris 7.1 with Windows 7.

Is there anyone successfully deploy Altiris 7.1?


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ohzone - CherylPeterson's picture

Tu Vu, if you will post a question with details of the problems you are having in this forum someone may be able to help you there.


Endpoint Management,
Endpoint Virtualization
Managing Mobility
Community Manager
Need Altiris help? IRC chat #Altiris

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Tu Vu's picture

I am looking at the video at this time.

Can you direct me to any video about installation?

I will try to build a new box when Altiris 7.5 is available.

We are still using 6.9 





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Pascal KOTTE's picture

The title the KB HOWTO85100 " Adding UEFI and WinPE 4.x support to Deployment Solution 7.1 "

seems proposing a compatibility with ADK 8.1, but all talk about 8.0.

Is it official support from Symantec being able to replace ADK 8.0 with 8.1 ?

~Pascal @ Do you speak French? Et utilisez Altiris: venez nous rejoindre sur le GUASF

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TBG IT's picture

Is there any updated documentation for 7.5? I am trying to follow this series for testing 7.5 and some significant changes have occurred such as the lack of a PXE configuration menu under Deployment and Migration settings.




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MKOKA's picture

Hello TBG IT,

Not sure if this would suffice your needs as it does not have links to any videos :

However do take a look at the following article , you may find it useful

Support Recommended Reading List for Deployment Solution 7.5 (updated November 2013)  :





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TBG IT's picture


Thank you for the link. I took a look at it and it did confirm my suspicions that PXE configuration was moved to NBS. However, I have now found a new problem that I am creating a new discussion for.

Thanks for the link though.

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Thomas Baird's picture

Sorry everyone for not updating this for 7.5.  Time is of the essence, and mine ran out.

I did however put together (start) the Recommended Reading List for 7.5 which is as far as I was able to get prior to leaving Symantec.  WHEN I get the time, I'll make a new series for 7.5 as well - I hope.  We'll see, right?  LOL



Thomas Baird
Private Consultant


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Thomas Baird's picture

OK - I am now actively working on new content for 7.5.  Having some technical issues, but you'll see new content posted soon.  I'll probably start a new page and put a link to it in this one.

Thomas Baird
Private Consultant


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Raj Dey's picture

Hello Thomas,

Thank you very much for these videos. It is really helping me learn the product better.  Looking forward to more such good stuffs from you.

Thank you once again.


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chiefshb's picture

If anyone has the files needed to add WinPE 4 to DS 7.1 (as per HOWTO85100), I'd appreciate it. I've tried every username/passoword combo in TECH66995 as instructed, but they either don't work or it says the destination no longer exists.

Anyone have the x64 version of this zip anywhere?


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