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ServiceDesk 7.5 SP1 Purge Utility

Created: 13 Mar 2014 • Updated: 26 Jun 2014 | 5 comments
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The intent of this project is to Search, Select and Purge Report Processes along with their associated references.

The Project is built on ServiceDesk 7.5 SP1 and is dependent on the associated Database Schema.

The Project includes a method for discerning the ProcessManager ConnectionString. If this fails, you can define the ConnectionString in the Project Properties.

The following is a description of the Project features:


The 'Search ReportProcess' feature uses plain text pattern matching against the ReportProcessID, ProcessTitle and ProcessDescription data.
Found ReportProcesses will display in the 'Purge Candidates' section of the Form.
If the 'Description' scope is included with the Search, the text used for the search will be prepended to the ProcessTitle and enclosed with '{...}'.
This provides feedback that the search text was found in the ProcessDescription.


The 'Select Range by Type' feature uses a 'Start:' and 'End:' item from a pull-down list.
This will perform a range type of search with the following conditions:

1) The ReportProcess Type is the same. For example: IM-
2) A 'Start:' and an 'End:' are selected.


The 'Cut Off DateTime' feature selects any ReportProcess with a ProcessStarted date that is less than the defined DateTime.


The 'Keep Articles' switch allows for the retention of Knowledge Base articles.
Knowledge Base articles that are created using the 'Submit Knowledge Base Entry' form are ReportProcesses and will be purged if they are selected.
However, if the Knowledge Base process is Closed and the 'Keep Articles' option is checked, the KB Article will remain untouched in the Knowledge Base tab.

Begin the Purge...

Once confirmed, the Purge begins and will eventually end with a Count summary of the purged items.
One can 'Go Back', which starts over with a fresh copy of the remaining ReportProcesses.

In an under performing test environment, one can expect approximately 1,000 items purged every 10 minutes.


  •  Selecting a single item in the Search List moves all of the items to the Purge List.
  •  Duplicate items occur in the Search List when the same item is removed from the Purge List.
  •  The project bombs when used in an environment without Change Management.

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QuietLeni's picture

Thanks for this! So useful (but not to be given to children)!

What is the point of an Asset Management Solution that needs excessive management? Let me help you.

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André Florencio's picture

Hi bcason,

First of all thank you so much!

Is there any way to reset the count of the process? (IM-000001)

I used the Workflow and i couldn't reset de number of the process.

Thank you!


André Florencio

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TGiles's picture

The process id # is controlled by the table ReportProcessGenerator. If you simply remove all the entries associated with IMs it will reset the counter. You can use the following script to reset the number.

DELETE FROM ReportProcesssGenerator


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bcason's picture

The project calculates the LastUsedIdentity in the 'Reconcile RPG Table' Embedded Model.
I would be interested in knowing if the project did not calculate correctly.

NOTE: Always check the ReportProcessGenerator and ReportProcess tables before resetting your Ticket count to zero, there may be tickets left in the system.

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André Florencio's picture


I'm sorry. Outstanding tickets there after excluding the counter was reset

Thank You!

André Florencio

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