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SS B15: RedSeal Networks: Security Architecture: Coordinating Your Defenses

Created: 22 May 2012 • Updated: 22 May 2012
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Today's hybrid networks are complex, dynamic, and ever-changing and threat landscapes are constantly evolving. Today's sophisticated security opponents are systemically assessing the weakest links in your security architecture. Your defenses are the strength of your aggregate security elements. In fact, the actual exposure of your critical resources is greatly impacted by the collective state of your infrastructure configuration TODAY; and may not be related to the findings from a penetration test two months ago. Thwarting today's sophisticated enterprise attacks requires consideration of more than just potential direct attacks, but also scenarios that involve indirect attacks. While scanning and penetration testing can provide important insights, they are limited to evaluating active conditions at a specific point in time.

Join us as we talk about how systemic, automated continuous monitoring and analysis of your enterprise security architecture is a necessary strategy to winning today's security battles and can help your skilled resources prioritize their efforts to shut down attack paths and threat sources and make better daily operational decisions.