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SS B18: Accenture: Accenture and Symantec: Protecting Your Critical Information and Enabling Business Value

Created: 22 May 2012 • Updated: 22 May 2012
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Security is more than a protective shield – it can enable your business to run better, in more competitive and more innovative, ways. Security has long extended the promise of offering enterprises a better understanding of their environment to enable better business decision making. The challenge has been how to make sense of the fire-hose of information coming from devices, systems, and networks, every second of every day. Accenture and Symantec have developed an innovative Information Protection solution that offers just that intelligence and control. We refer to it as “orchestrated analytic security” because it provides actionable intelligence and a means of responding in a directed, effective way. In this session, we will demonstrate how this approach can become the security operations centerpiece for an enterprise and discuss how this is delivering better intelligence and control for our clients. In addition to the technology, Accenture and Symantec can provide managed security operations and services that can help address this challenge, at scale. More than just “new” and “shiny”, it is industrialized, scalable, cost effective, and sustainable.