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Tweaking Windows 7 for Better Performance

Created: 09 May 2011 • Updated: 09 May 2011 | 2 comments
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During my work to make the best Windows 7 images, optimized for performance and managebility I often get questions what all these services are and if we really need them.

Servcie are installed and configured by Windows itselve and a lot of applications that you might install.

When you go to a service they can have several states as listed below:

  • Automatic ~ With a service in this state, it will start at boot time. Some services, when no longer required, will also automatically stop when not needed.
  • Automatic (Delayed Start) ~ With a service in this state, it will start just after boot time. Some services, when no longer required, will also automatically stop when not needed.
  • Manual ~ Manual mode allows Windows to start a service when needed.
  • Disabled ~ This setting will stop a service from starting, even if needed. Errors in the Event Viewer will show up complaining of that fact.

Below is a long list of all settings with the prefferred values behind them.

Service description servicename Windows 7 Ultimate Windows 7 enterprise
ActiveX Installer (AxInstSV) AxInstSV Manual Manual
Adaptive Brightness SensrSvc Manual Manual
Application Experience AeLookupSvc Manual **** Manual ****
Application Host Helper Service ** AppHostSvc Not Installed (Automatic, Started) Not Installed (Automatic, Started)
Application Identity AppIDSvc Manual Manual
Application Information Appinfo Manual (Started) Manual (Started)
Application Layer Gateway Service ALG Manual Manual
Application Management AppMgmt Manual Manual
ASP.NET State Service ** aspnet_state Not Installed (Manual) Not Installed (Manual)
Background Intelligent Transfer Service BITS Manual Manual
Base Filtering Engine BFE Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
BitLocker Drive Encryption Service BDESVC Manual Manual
Block Level Backup Engine Service wbengine Manual Manual
Bluetooth Support Service bthserv Manual Manual
BranchCache PeerDistSvc Manual Manual
Certificate Propagation CertPropSvc Manual Manual
Client for NFS ** NfsClnt Not Installed (Automatic, Started) Not Installed (Automatic, Started)
CNG Key Isolation KeyIso Manual **** Manual ****
COM+ Event System EventSystem Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
COM+ System Application COMSysApp Manual Manual
Computer Browser Browser Manual **** Manual ****
Credential Manager VaultSvc Manual Manual
Cryptographic Services CryptSvc Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
DCOM Server Process Launcher DcomLaunch Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Desktop Window Manager Session Manager UxSms Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
DHCP Client Dhcp Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Diagnostic Policy Service DPS Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Diagnostic Service Host WdiServiceHost Manual (Started) Manual (Started)
Diagnostic System Host WdiSystemHost Manual **** Manual ****
Disk Defragmenter defragsvc Manual Manual
Distributed Link Tracking Client TrkWks Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Distributed Transaction Coordinator MSDTC Manual **** Manual ****
DNS Client Dnscache Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Encrypting File System (EFS) EFS Manual Manual
Extensible Authentication Protocol EapHost Manual Manual
Fax ** Fax Manual Manual
Function Discovery Provider Host fdPHost Manual (Started) Manual (Started)
Function Discovery Resource Publication FDResPub Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Group Policy Client gpsvc Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Health Key and Certificate Management hkmsvc Manual Manual
HomeGroup Listener HomeGroupListener Manual **** Manual ****
HomeGroup Provider HomeGroupProvider Manual (Started) Manual (Started)
Human Interface Device Access hidserv Manual Manual
IIS Admin Service ** IISADMIN Not Installed (Automatic) Not Installed (Automatic, Started)
IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules IKEEXT Manual Manual
Indexing Service ** CISVC Not Installed (Automatic, Started) Not Installed (Started, Automatic)
Interactive Services Detection UI0Detect Manual Manual
Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) SharedAccess Disabled Disabled
IP Helper iphlpsvc Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
IPsec Policy Agent PolicyAgent Manual Manual
KtmRm for Distributed Transaction Coordinator KtmRm Manual Manual
Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper lltdsvc Manual Manual
LPD Service ** LPDSVC Not Installed (Automatic, Started) Not Installed (Automatic, Started)
Media Center Extender Service ** Mcx2Svc Disabled Disabled
Message Queuing ** MSMQ Not Installed (Automatic, Started) Not Installed (Automatic, Started)
Message Queuing Triggers ** MSMQTriggers Not Installed (Automatic, Started) Not Installed (Automatic, Started)
Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2.0.50727 clr_optimization_v2.0.50727 Manual Automatic (Delayed Start, Started
Microsoft FTP Service ** ftpsvc Not Installed (Automatic, Started) Not Installed (Automatic, Started)
Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service MSiSCSI Manual Manual
Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider swprv Manual Manual
Multimedia Class Scheduler MMCSS Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Net.Msmq Listener Adapter ** NetMsmqActivator Not Installed (Automatic, Started) Not Installed (Automatic, Started)
Net.Pipe Listener Adapter ** NetPipeActivator Not Installed (Automatic, Started) Not Installed (Automatic, Started)
Net.Tcp Listener Adapter ** NetTcpActivator Not Installed (Automatic, Started) Not Installed (Automatic, Started)
Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service ** NetTcpPortSharing Disabled Disabled
Netlogon Netlogon Manual Manual
Network Access Protection Agent napagent Manual Manual
Network Connections Netman Manual (Started) Manual (Started)
Network List Service netprofm Manual (Started) Manual (Started)
Network Location Awareness NlaSvc Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Network Store Interface Service nsi Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Offline Files CscService Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Parental Controls WPCSvc Manual Manual
Peer Name Resolution Protocol PNRPsvc Manual **** Manual ****
Peer Networking Grouping p2psvc Manual **** Manual ****
Peer Networking Identity Manager p2pimsvc Manual **** Manual ****
Performance Logs & Alerts pla Manual Manual
Plug and Play PlugPlay Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
PnP-X IP Bus Enumerator IPBusEnum Manual Manual
PNRP Machine Name Publication Service PNRPAutoReg Manual Manual
Portable Device Enumerator Service WPDBusEnum Manual **** Manual ****
Power Power Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Print Spooler Spooler Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support wercplsupport Manual Manual
Program Compatibility Assistant Service PcaSvc Manual Manual
Protected Storage ProtectedStorage Manual **** Manual ****
Quality Windows Audio Video Experience QWAVE Manual Manual
Remote Access Auto Connection Manager RasAuto Manual Manual
Remote Access Connection Manager RasMan Manual Manual
Remote Desktop Configuration SessionEnv Manual Manual
Remote Desktop Services TermService Manual Manual
Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector UmRdpService Manual Manual
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) RpcSs Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator RpcLocator Manual Manual
Remote Registry RemoteRegistry Manual Manual
RIP Listener ** iprip Not Installed (Automatic, Started) Not Installed (Automatic, Started)
Routing and Remote Access RemoteAccess Disabled Disabled
RPC Endpoint Mapper RpcEptMapper Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
SeaPort *** SeaPort Not Installed (Automatic, Started) Not Installed (Automatic, Started)
Secondary Logon seclogon Manual Manual
Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service SstpSvc Manual Manual
Security Accounts Manager SamSs Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Security Center wscsvc Automatic (Delayed Start, Started) Automatic (Delayed Start, Started)
Server LanmanServer Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Shell Hardware Detection ShellHWDetection Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Simple TCP/IP Services ** simptcp Not Installed (Automatic, Started) Not Installed (Automatic, Started)
Smart Card SCardSvr Manual Manual
Smart Card Removal Policy SCPolicySvc Manual Manual
SNMP Service ** SNMP Not Installed (Automatic, Started) Not Installed (Automatic, Started)
SNMP Trap SNMPTRAP Manual Manual
Software Protection sppsvc Automatic (Delayed Start, Started) Automatic (Delayed Start, Started)
SPP Notification Service sppuinotify Manual **** Manual ****
SSDP Discovery SSDPSRV Manual (Started) Manual (Started)
Storage Service StorSvc Not Available Manual
Superfetch SysMain Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
System Event Notification Service SENS Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Tablet PC Input Service TabletInputService Manual Manual
Task Scheduler Schedule Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper lmhosts Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Telephony TapiSrv Manual Manual
Telnet ** TlntSvr Not Installed (Disabled) Not Installed (Disabled)
Themes Themes Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Thread Ordering Server THREADORDER Manual Manual
TPM Base Services TBS Manual Manual
UPnP Device Host upnphost Manual **** Manual ****
User Profile Service ProfSvc Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Virtual Disk vds Manual Manual
Volume Shadow Copy VSS Manual **** Manual ****
Web Management Service ** WMSVC Not Installed (Manual) Not Installed (Manual)
WebClient WebClient Manual Manual
Windows Audio AudioSrv Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Windows Audio Endpoint Builder AudioEndpointBuilder Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Windows Backup SDRSVC Manual Manual
Windows Biometric Service WbioSrvc Manual Manual
Windows CardSpace idsvc Manual Manual
Windows Color System WcsPlugInService Manual Manual
Windows Connect Now - Config Registrar wcncsvc Manual Manual
Windows Defender WinDefend Automatic (Delayed Start, Started) Automatic (Delayed Start, Started)
Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework wudfsvc Manual **** Manual ****
Windows Error Reporting Service WerSvc Manual Manual
Windows Event Collector Wecsvc Manual Manual
Windows Event Log EventLog Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Windows Firewall MpsSvc Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Windows Font Cache Service FontCache Automatic (Delayed Start, Started) **** Automatic (Delayed Start, Started) ****
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) StiSvc Manual Manual
Windows Installer msiserver Manual Manual
Windows Live Family Safety *** fsssvc Not Installed (Manual) Not Installed (Manual)
Windows Management Instrumentation Winmgmt Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Windows Media Center Receiver Service ** ehRecvr Manual Manual
Windows Media Center Scheduler Service ** ehSched Manual Manual
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service ** WMPNetworkSvc Manual (Started) Manual (Started)
Windows Modules Installer TrustedInstaller Manual **** Manual ****
Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache ** FontCache3.0.0.0 Manual Manual
Windows Process Activation Service ** WAS Not Installed (Manual, Started) Not Installed (Manual, Started)
Windows Remote Management (WS-Management) WinRM Manual Manual
Windows Search ** WSearch Automatic (Delayed Start, Started) Automatic (Delayed Start, Started)
Windows Time W32Time Manual Manual
Windows Update wuauserv Automatic (Delayed Start, Started) Automatic (Delayed Start, Started)
WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service WinHttpAutoProxySvc Manual **** Manual ****
Wired AutoConfig dot3svc Manual Manual
WLAN AutoConfig Wlansvc Manual Manual
WMI Performance Adapter wmiApSrv Manual Manual
Workstation LanmanWorkstation Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
World Wide Web Publishing Service ** W3SVC Not Installed (Automatic, Started) Not Installed (Automatic, Started)
WWAN AutoConfig WwanSvc Manual Manual

The list is used in our own VirtualStorm deployment and must be used as a guideline. Not all services will always be available as there can be services on your installation that are not on the list.

Any improvements on this list are greatly appreciated.

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Do you know, or is there a guide the details if Workspace Streaming is dependent on any of these services? We are having issues in our XenDesktop environment with packages crashing on 2nd run, but not on our physical Win7 machines. The only major difference is that we have disabled many services to Optimize our Win7 image for the XenDesktop environment.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Check if wmi is running, and doublecheck if you get rsop errors. In xendesktop with citrix tools installed, this sometimes occurs and mean a lot of troubleshooting.
I am not a big fan of xendesktop because of the many problems we often hear.
Also check the amount of memory given. The windows 7 xendesktops need at least 1500 mb or more.
If you have an errorlog, im happy to take a look at them.

Regards Erik Dinamiqs is the home of VirtualStorm (

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