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Whitepaper: NetBackup Desktop Laptop Option

Created: 04 Jan 2010 | 2 comments
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Executive Summary

Data Protection Challenges for Desktops & Laptops
When it comes to protecting data on desktops and laptops, today’s IT administrators are faced with a daunting challenge. An increasing amount of important corporate data resides on desktops and laptops that are not backed up on a regular basis. And an increasing number of workers use laptops on multiple desktops making schedule backups less reliable. Providing centralized protection for desktop and laptop systems can consume valuable network  bandwidth and storage resources. These resource issues have led companies to resort to ad-hoc solutions. The most popular method for protecting desktop and laptop data relies on manual, user-initiate backups through the use of shared folders on a corporate network (i.e., a personal “z” drive or some other arbitrary letter). Obviously this puts data at risk because many users fail to configure and regularly run these backups.

Many system administrators will readily admit that most users fail to copy their data to these shares frequently enough to provide effective data protection. The result is lost data and worker productivity. The cost to recreate lost data can be surprisingly high. Laptops pose the greatest challenge because their users are typically on the road, have infrequent connections to the network and rarely take the time to manually protect their data. Finally, there is also a
growing population of users that want to keep files synchronized between their desktop and laptop machines. Individual backup applications that reside on corporate PCs do not provide the automation and centralization necessary to deliver reliable data recovery and efficient use of existing IT resources.

An Efficient Solution using NetBackup™

To meet the needs of corporations with valuable data on desktop and laptop computers, Symantec offers the Veritas NetBackup™ Desktop Laptop Option. It offers the following key benefits:

  • Provides continuous disk based backup protection whether in the office or on the road
  • Synchronizes files between multiple desktops and laptops
  • Integrates into existing IT infrastructure and policies lowering total cost of ownership
  • Allows users to quickly restore files without assistance
  • Lightweight design eliminates the need for a dedicated application server

The NetBackup Desktop Laptop Option offers continuous disk-based protection for customers regardless of physical location or connectivity to a network. It not only enables customers to restore their own files, but also enables them to synchronize work files between multiple desktops and laptops. The product easily integrates into existing IT infrastructures because it leverages both local and network-based storage for backups, simplifying automation and
centralization of backups. Customers can work and travel with peace of mind, knowing that their business data can be recovered in the event of loss.

Customers who have multiple desktops can use the NetBackup Desktop Laptop Option to automatically synchronize data between their computers via a network share so they have the most up-to-date versions of files no matter which computer they use. An intuitive user interface allows customers to easily retrieve their own data or files whether in the office or on the road.

The architecture of the NetBackup Desktop Laptop Option eliminates the need for a separate dedicated application server to process and store backup data. Administrators can choose local and/or network-based storage for this data. This enables the solution to easily fit into the existing infrastructures and offer consistent data protection policies with minimal investments in hardware or additional training.

To read the complete article, please download the PDF.

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  1. Now, Download NBU DLO 6.1 MP4 from
  2. Refer installation guide page 9, step 11 for “Enter your NetBackup DLO License key”
  3. And OR refer “Readme_EN.pdf” in the installation folder, page 19, step 9 : “Enter your Symantec NetBackup DLO serial number (license key)”

Compatibility Matrix– Supported OS, installation options, Office applications etc
ADMIN GUIDE– planning, preparation, pre-requisites, installation, configurations etc.

Related information;

  • The Desktop and Laptop Option offers continuous disk-based protection based on whenever a user saves data or an auto-save event occurs.
  • The DLO opt ion requires a separate administration server machine (separate from the NetBackup Server) .
  • A single license entitles a customer to protect up to 100 clients.
  • To protect more than 100 desktops or laptops, purchase additional NetBackup Desktop and Laptop Option units.
  • No additional license is required for this administration server. A NetBackup Server license is not required in order to sell the Desktop Laptop Option.
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Hello, could you please advise how can I purchase/obtain trial key for DLO.


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