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Backup and Recovery Ideas

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Status: Partially Implemented
It would be nice to have a list of known and confirmed bugs that Symantec support knows with a plan to fix it and maybe voting system (like in ideas) that we may vote what should be fixed first. With a bug there should be also ETA for a fix (in what release it will be fixed). Sometimes there is a known problem and even whitepapers available but only for internal use and it would be handy to be able to seek and reference something when calling support (obviously I'm not expecting that some ...
Suggested: 11 Jun 2009 by pbogu | 55 comments - last comment 06 Dec 2013 by _Brian
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Status: In Review
It would be better if the netbackup could provide us the option to  rename a policy with the right click....
Suggested: 02 Aug 2009 by V.Dinesh | 16 comments - last comment 30 May 2014 by DG-2005
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Status: In Review
Right now NBU is not having the mail notification facility, we have to configure BLAT for relay. I think NBU should either integrate the BLAT within its installable or develop new embedded mail notification tool.
Suggested: 03 Jun 2009 by Deepak W | 8 comments - last comment 08 May 2014 by ontherocks
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Status: In Review
It's pretty tricky to find out who canceled a job in NetBackup. At least the user from the java GUI or the operating system, which issues the command should be logged in the job details.
Suggested: 03 Jun 2009 by FrSchind
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In BE 2012, exclude dates are on a server level, i.e. they apply to all scheduled jobs.  The inability to exclude dates for individual jobs is a serious set-back and would mean that we now CANNOT stop scheduled jobs from running during holidays. Suppose I have JobA and JobB scheduled to start at 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. respectively.  These are daily backup jobs and I do not want them to run on holidays because there is nobody in the office and no updates are done.  If a holiday ...
Suggested: 09 Mar 2012 by pkh | 50 comments - last comment 29 Apr 2014 by pkh
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Status: In Review
I would like to suggest an enhancement to the (windows) GUI for netbackup. It would be nice if we could define arbitrarily-named groups so we can place policies into them. This is purely for display/grouping purposes. We could then easily separate policies belonging to certain locations or created for a certain purpose (for example test or VCB or Exchange) so we do not need to scroll through hundreds of policies... A variation/extension on this idea could be to have a 'view by policy', ...
Suggested: 05 Jan 2010 by stanleym | 8 comments - last comment 23 Oct 2013 by TTFO7.6
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Status: In Review
This idea is for a tool to be created that can be run against a NetBackup deployment (master/media/clients) to check for Symantec best practices and make recommendations where necessary (items like number buffers/size buffers/media and master server resource utilization/clients or servers with old software versions). The tool could even be integrated into a product like NOM to run on a regular schedule and so that it could alert when items become out of compliance/best practice. 
Suggested: 18 Nov 2009 by udubplate | 5 comments - last comment 20 Jun 2013 by huanglao2002
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Status: Implemented
This has been mentioned before, probably in the previous incarnation of the NetBackup forum, but now we have 'Ideas', so: "We do on occasion have the need to suspend NetBackup activity for particular clients (upgrade, maintenance etc etc) & it would be very useful to have the ability to suspend/deactivate scheduled backups on a per client basis. (Or even a per client/per policy basis if changes are being made to a particular area on a particular client). Currently, our only or ...
Suggested: 10 Jun 2009 by Andy Welburn | 24 comments - last comment 19 Sep 2011 by Andy Welburn
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Status: In Review
I would like to suggest adding a "global exclude list" feature to netbackup. This should be a list that exists next to the current client-based exclude list and is ALWAYS used for every client and every policy. Why is this useful? For example: our organisation has just started to roll-out SCOM2007 on all servers. This produces a new list of files-in-use on every server (for example edb.log, edb.tmp, edbtmp.log etc). Adding these files to the exclude list means editing the exclude ...
Suggested: 05 Jan 2010 by stanleym | 5 comments - last comment 10 Jul 2013 by Andy Welburn
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This requirement has arisen because I have independ disks on my VMWare VMs. My backups fail with an error that the independent disks cannot be backed up. I am aware of this and happy with it. So I want to be able to tell Backup Exec to ignore this error and mark my jobs as completed sucesfully. See discussion here:
Suggested: 14 Mar 2011 by bn8959 | 4 comments - last comment 07 Aug 2014 by dss_thinktank
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