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In BE 2012, exclude dates are on a server level, i.e. they apply to all scheduled jobs.  The inability to exclude dates for individual jobs is a serious set-back and would mean that we now CANNOT stop scheduled jobs from running during holidays. Suppose I have JobA and JobB scheduled to start at 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. respectively.  These are daily backup jobs and I do not want them to run on holidays because there is nobody in the office and no updates are done.  If a holiday ...
Suggested: 09 Mar 2012 by pkh | 50 comments - last comment 29 Apr 2014 by pkh
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This requirement has arisen because I have independ disks on my VMWare VMs. My backups fail with an error that the independent disks cannot be backed up. I am aware of this and happy with it. So I want to be able to tell Backup Exec to ignore this error and mark my jobs as completed sucesfully. See discussion here:
Suggested: 14 Mar 2011 by bn8959 | 4 comments - last comment 07 Aug 2014 by dss_thinktank
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The functionality within backup exec 2012 for creating backup jobs for more than one server has disappeared. Before in backup exec 2010 you could backup two servers in one job to one tape. Now the software creates a job for each server and you have to set it to append to the tape as to be careful not to erase the first server you have just backed up. Which means before you could have 20 servers in 10 jobs. Now you need 20 jobs for the 20 servers · I would like to see the faculty ...
Suggested: 26 Mar 2012 by Backupuser2345 | 71 comments - last comment 07 Aug 2014 by dss_thinktank
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We have used the Backup Exec product for many years now and have kept up with all the updates.  For us it was a great product, took care of itself, and really saved us time and energy. Now we have gone forward with Backup Exec 2012 and do indeed like the new user interface and many of the core parts of the system.  However, the features needed for day to day operation are lacking and managing the system is a major chore.  We have worked with support, and they have been ...
Suggested: 22 Jun 2012 by BernardJL | 47 comments - last comment 05 Jun 2014 by AlexPotter
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Hi It would be great to be able to export the job/backup selection list and save it off somewhere and then be able to import back into another instance of BE. Cheers Ric
Suggested: 22 Jul 2010 by Ric Turner | 4 comments - last comment 21 May 2014 by byron@kr
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Status: In Review
After upgrading or patching a Backup Exec server, it's recommened that we reinstall the agents.  It's easy to do this with the Push Install - however it's a pain to have to manually enter the name of every single server. I'd like to have an option to re-push to all existing agents.  Perhaps a button to populate the push list with all servers with scheduled jobs.  Perhaps an "previously installed agents" list that can be added with a single button or selection. At any ...
Suggested: 03 Jun 2009 by MitchR | 3 comments - last comment 19 Nov 2009 by BE-Billy
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For folks who use barcode labels, it is more efficient to scan a tape library, rather than doing an inventory.  Currently, I can schedule an inventory via the GUI, but not a scan.  Adding the capability to schedule a scan of a library would be good.
Suggested: 14 Apr 2010 by pkh | 8 comments - last comment 17 Jun 2014 by KevinRak
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Status: In Development
It would be great to have a "Skip Next Occurrence" on the scheduled jobs context menu (right click)..That way if an admin wants to run a job early, they can skip the next occurrence so it does not run twice in one day for example.
Suggested: 20 Feb 2010 by jscole99 | 3 comments - last comment 15 Mar 2010 by baillard
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Status: Implemented
BackupExec  already has a complete alerting system - email, pager, etc, and sends numerous alerts and reports automatically - however it doesn't send any alerts when a backup is missed.  This would be really useful to have as we get alerts for failed backups so why not for missed backups - e.g. no media available.  In our environment a missed backup is a failed backup. Chris
Suggested: 04 Jun 2009 by ChrisJ | 17 comments - last comment 04 Jul 2014 by Patrick099
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Hi, it would be great, if there was an option to export an existing selection list to, for example, a XML-File and to be able to reimport this list also to a different mediaserver. It would also be great if one could edit this list offline before reimporting it to Backup Exec.
Suggested: 04 Jan 2010 by Caroline Kiel | 3 comments - last comment 01 Mar 2013 by JH_SPX
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