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2011 Trends: Hackers Exploit Router Vulnerabilities

Created: 06 Dec 2010
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Tomorrow (December 7) we will release our MessageLabs Intelligence 2010 Annual Security Report looking back at the changes in the threat landscape during 2010. We also use the opportunity to look ahead at potential trends for next year. In the days leading up to the publication of the report we will share a few of these trends.

Hackers Exploit Router Vulnerabilities 

As 2010 has proven there are many systems vulnerable to attack. We often focus on PCs, servers and devices but recently it has become apparent that routers are also open to exploit. Router vulnerabilities, allow attackers to re-route network traffic with malicious intent. As an example a user could be diverted from an online banking site to an identical-looking malicious website and their login credentials could be stolen or a business user could be diverted from a legitimate CRM, ERP or HR service allowing a hacker to access client, business or staff information. When properly structured these attacks can forward the user to the legitimate site with no indication the attack has occurred.

In 2011, we expect to uncover new variants of malware that will include functionality to actively search for and exploit business and home networking hardware with known vulnerabilities. Since networking equipment software and firmware is rarely updated these vulnerabilities can exist for years.

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