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2011 Trends: Making Web Security Work in an Era of Pervasive Threats

Created: 24 Nov 2010
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On December 7 we will release our MessageLabs Intelligence 2010 Annual Security Report looking back at the changes in the threat landscape during 2010. We also use the opportunity to look ahead at potential trends for next year. In the days leading up to the publication of the report we will share a few of these trends.

Making Web Security Work in an Era of Pervasive Threats
In 2010 more than 80% of malicious threats intercepted were found on legitimate websites that had been compromised either directly or indirectly via third party provided content. At the same time categories which were once easy to block universally, like social media, are becoming increasingly business relevant.

In 2011 we expect IT managers will be forced by business necessity to implement more granular and refined web security policies. Particular business units, departments or users will be granted access to certain websites or categories of sites. Our data indicates that the number of custom policy rules will increase from approximately 30 to more than 50 per organization to achieve a more granular response to web filtering. Also, default policies will become more nuanced, industry specific and business role specific to ease the burden on IT managers.

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