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2011 Trends: Trending Topics Fashioned to Follow the News

Created: 30 Nov 2010
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On December 7 we will release our MessageLabs Intelligence 2010 Annual Security Report looking back at the changes in the threat landscape during 2010. We also use the opportunity to look ahead at potential trends for next year. In the days leading up to the publication of the report we will share a few of these trends.

Trending Topics Fashioned to Follow the News 

We’ve seen malware that attempts to ensure that links to infected pages are returned in search engine results using black-hat search-engine optimization techniques.

In 2011, the criminals will go one step further. Rather than just promoting compromised websites through search engine optimization they will proactively identify websites likely to see higher than normal levels of traffic based on current events or hot topics on the internet. They will use multiple methods, including monitoring of micro-blogging site topics and search engine hot topic feeds, to track these trending topics. Combined with an understanding of potential site vulnerabilities this information can be used to compromise appropriate target sites quickly enough to exploit expected surges in traffic.

Tomorrow: Automation Advances Targeted Attacks

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