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2013 - A Look Forward

Created: 06 Jan 2013 • Updated: 29 May 2014
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I was thinking the other day, whilst waiting for Santa Claus, of all the things that I'd like to see or do in 2013.  The main things are:

  • The next Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 Service Pack - there are some little hints here and there on the Symantec Connect Forums of what it might contain, and I hope it is as good as it 'sounds' from the things that have been written.
  • More work from awesome companies like QUADROtech and Adept-tec and others.
  • BBQ's on the beach (and I've purchases a handful of disposable BBQ's to try out :))
  • More happiness

The last one is something that I don't often write about.  I'll mention it briefly now, seeing as I have added it to the list.  For the last few winters I think I have suffered from Seasonal Depression.  Each Winter I get depressed, it lasts for months.  I also get headaches, probably in part to not having the window open whilst I am sleeping. 

All these have changed, and pretty much cleared up.  Yes it's this years magical move to Bude, in North Cornwall, which has 'fixed' all the problems.  Of course I still get occasional days of gloom, much like everyone does, I imagine.  But now they are days, not weeks or months.  The move to Bude was definitely the way forward.  There are some bad side-effects but I'm working on those.