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3 Tips to Connect and Rise above the Noise

Symantec's Vice President of Brand, Digital, and Advertising, Alix Hart, shares pro tips on how the Symantec brand effectively connects with its customers.
Created: 19 Jun 2014
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Alix_Head_ShotJuly2013_0.jpegI grew up in a lot of nightclubs.  That may sound strange, but as a kid with a jazz musician father and a singer and DJ as a mother, I spent many nights listening to amazing music from the corners of lounges and nightclubs.  And, I figured out along the way that what really got the house rocking wasn’t just how good the music was.  Rather, it was the ability for the musicians to connect with the audience.  That was where magic happened.   For the audience, it’s the difference between enjoying an evening out to hear some music, and creating a moment that will be remembered for years to come, where all the feeling rushes back to the time you were there.

These days, as a marketer, the tools of the trade are more fragmented and multiplied than ever before – Mobile, Social, Programmatic buying, Personalization, Gamification, and the list goes on.  We spend so much time understanding each one:  how to optimize, how to measure, which one outperforms the other.  But I hope we don’t ever lose our priorities and forget about connection

Because we can’t measure the effectiveness of a media touch point without understanding whether the message we delivered through it is compelling or impactful.  You have to have an insights plan that measures whether your brand has a point of connection, a way to connect to something meaningful in your Customers’ lives, and deliver on it. And in a socially connected world, you do have to deliver.

How do we connect in this fragmented media landscape?  Here are a few key steps.


  • Understand why customers or consumers would seek out your Brand by testing multiple messages for relevance and uniqueness
  • Define your Brand Promise and positioning in a way that leverages that understanding but from the Customers’ point of view (in other words, don’t pound your own chest, but speak on behalf of your audience)
  • Keep your story and your brand narrative including voice and tone consistent across PAID, OWNED, and EARNED channels.  Connect to that Brand idea everywhere, so it becomes a drum beat for your voice in the market. At Symantec, we protect and manage information on behalf of corporations and governments around the world.  As a leader in information protection, we understand the interdependencies across systems, the complexity of expanding data that sits in multiple environments, and we build solutions that keep the whole system in mind.  For Norton, we ensure protection across a growing number of devices to ensure identities are secure.

That’s what we do.  But our point of connection?  People can keep their family’s personal information safe.  Their businesses can thrive without the worry of cyber threats or human foible leaving information vulnerable.  Those are the human stories we can all relate to, that trigger emotion, memories, and connection.  And, they are featured in our new Norton Go Boldly and Symantec  Do it All campaign. 

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