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30 ASDK tools in 30 Days

Created: 04 Aug 2009 • Updated: 04 Aug 2009 • 3 comments
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Hello Connect!

I have decided to take on a personal challenge in an effort to teach and learn more about using the ASDK. I have been writing tools for work using ASDK1.4 for about 6 months and just started learning C#. Since then I've developed a few win apps that have saved a ton of time for both myself and coworkers using Altiris.

To celebrate the ASDK and to thank Symantec for giving us such an open and flexible tool for working with Altiris, I am going to write 30 tools using VBscript or C# in 30 days. I will blog about each tool and include short descriptions on the methods being used and the approaches I take to use them.

First a few acknowledgments. A big thank you goes to Screenbert! When I first set out to create an SWD package creator in the ASDK, it was his how-to videos that gave me the start. Without those guides, I probably would of found the learning curve too time consuming.

Second, another thank you to the Software Jedi. You may not of heard of him, but he did something similar with just Win apps when he was first learning Visual Studio. He still maintains the site where he blogged his journey at . It was his inspiration that gave me the idea.

And now some ground rules for myself:

1. No tool I've written before this will be submitted as a daily tool
2. I may work on more than 1 tool at a time and will blog about it, but only 1 tool will be submitted daily
3. A tool will be written in either VBS or C#
4. If written in C#, source code will be provided.
5. A tool will be written for NS7 or NS6 , but not both
6. I don't have a lot of DS experience, but if you have any ideas or needs, I'd be glad to give it a shot
7. Every tool will have an accompanying blog entry. The blog entry will be a walk through on the coding process and the methods being used.
8. Tools may or may not have error handling. A tool is complete if it does what it's designed to do
9. Tools will be simple! Have to give myself some kind of break :) Tools will have a single function. If the function works, the tool is complete. This doesn't mean they can't be combined at some later date.
10. A new tool will always be a new feature that I haven't done before. Meaning, I won't combine a bunch of previously written tools.

So Connect, I need ideas for tools! If you need something written or have an idea for a killer app, let me know! I'll kick this off tomorrow 8/04/2009!

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Here are the links to the video that he referenced. Check them out and vote them up if you they are of any benefit to you. Who knows, maybe it will be time to release another set soon. :)


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OK, I'll put one in...ever since we implemented Altiris, a common complaint from our deployment and Deskside teams is that it takes a long time to get patches installed.  How about a little tool that could be run that would force the Patch Inventory to run on the client, update the Patch collections on the NS, update client config, then execute the Patch install task on the client?  I wrote a simple batch file for this and posted it in the CMS section of the forum, but maybe you could do something a bit fancier (also mine just used a SLEEP statement to wait for ~10 minutes before updating configuration, to allow the default Patch collection refresh interval to run).

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It would be helpful if you create a tool to migrate an old Helpdesk System 6.0 to an other (not new) Helpdesk system (6.0). The incident ids in the new system must be the same than in the old system.
Do you have any ideas?


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