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5 Years - Greatest Hits

Created: 10 May 2011 • Updated: 12 May 2011 • 3 comments
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This week being my 5 year anniversary for Connect, I thought it would be a good idea to review some greatest hits. Without any further ado, here they are by category.

Intel VPro/AMT

Video - The V-Team Mini-Series - Episode 1
Article - Building a Better ISO – Making the Most of vPRO and IDE Redirection


Video - PCAnywhere minisode - Episode 1 - Why upgrade?
Download - pcAnywhere Diagnostic and Connect Tool
Download -  pcAnywhere DLL for creating CHF files in C#


Download - Pimp Your Console
Download - Wise Wrapper for Customized User Prompts
Download - SVS Remote

Customizing the SMP/Altiris for your environment using the ASDK

Article - ASDK Training :: Writing Your Own Web Application
Article - ASDK Training :: Writing Your Own Windows Application
Video - ASDK Training: ASDK Basics
Video - ASDK Training: ASDK Web Site Setup

General How to and System Admin Functons

Article - Securing Your Altiris Agent(s) from Local Administrators Using Group Policy
Article - Using Wisescript and NS to Cleanup OLK files
Article - Deploying a Notification to a Domain User Group
Article - Appraising Network Performance When Using an Off-Box SQL Server

Let's see what comes out in the next 5 years. :)


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the download links for PCAnywhere seem to be broken. They currently point to http://pcanywhere%20diagnostic%20and%20connect%20tool%20v1.0014/

Please mark the post that best solves your problem as the answer to this thread.
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The links are now updated for PCA.  Thx!


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See comments added to "Building a better ISO"

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