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AAConsole V2.5.0.0 [Updated]

Created: 24 Jul 2008 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010 • 3 comments
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New: Major Gui Redesign
Fix: Rename layer
New: Layer Tooltips

How Does it work:

When starting it checks if you're a Administrative user and allows the program.
It also checks if you're an Corporate user, and will switch off some options.
It'll check if you are using Altiris Virtual Software Solution V2.1.2083 or higher, lower and it will tell you to update with the possibility to click on a Link towards the download at Altiris.

Here Goes:

Activate Layer
Deactivate layer
Reset Layer
Rename Layer
Delete Layer
Export Layer
Slim Layer Export
Import Layer
Easy Layer Excludes
Easy Extension Excludes
Easy Global Excludes
Start Layer Automatically
Set Autoclose Layer
Activate All 'Autostart' Layers
Deactivate All Layers
Enable Autostart all Layers
Disable Autostart all Layers
Enable Autoclose for All
Disable Autoclose for All
Set Layer Information (Layer Settings)
Set Uninstall Information
Set Autoclose Timeout
Switch Logging on/off
Show/Hide Columns
Copy Layer Information
1st Row Color Selection
2nd Row Color Selection
Selected Row Back Color
Selected Row Font Color
Change Font
Activated Layer Color
Reset All Colors
Save Color Layout & Share
Load Shared Color Layout

It minimizes towards the Traymenu, easy for later access.

What's to come:

Build in Layer Times (Schedule your Layers)
Possibility to choose your own icons
And much more.....

Download this new version Here, No installation required.

Support can be found here, I'm also open for any additions you Would like to see.

You'll need Dot net Framework V2.0 Installed to run this application.


New: Major Gui Redesign
Fix: Rename layer
New: Layer Tooltips


Fix: Layernames during import in Statusbar
Fix: Better (Multi) Delete handling

New: Fully Portable (Freeware Editions) / (USB/U3)
New: (Multi) Move Layer(s)
New: (Multi) Delete layer(s) with 100% registry removal.
New: File Progress on (Multi) Import
New: Automatically Check for Updates (See Options)
New: Added a Help Function
New: Changed Corporate edtion to fully functional for 30 Days.
New: Blue Edtion

New: (Multi) Slim Layer Export
Fix: Autoclose Application

Fix: LayerTimeout Column defaulted to 30 secs, it'll show the correct values now.
Fix: Datalayers show up properly (Activated/Deactivated)

New: Easy Layer Excludes.
New: Easy Global Excludes.
New: Easy File Extensions Exclude.
New: A Skipped Layer(s) list with Multi Exporting Layers.
New: A List With Layers who failed Multi Export.
New: Better Error Control of AAConsole.
Fix: Layer Export.
Fix: Made the AAConsole about 40% faster.
Fix: Ampersand, Quotes ("") and Apostrophes in a Layer name could case an incomplete Layer list.
Fix: Due to the dependency of Windows Scripting Host made a check if it is installed (Not Default in XP)
Fix: Canceling MultiExport would cause an Export anyway.

Fixed: Setting a Layer details for the second time it would add the Layer Timout a second time in the dropdown.
Added: Capablity to choose your own Font.
Fixed: Double Extension on Multi-Export.
Added: Detection if a VSA exists during an Export.
Fixed: Improved the Startup time of AAConsole.

Added: Rename Layer.
Added: Set AutoClose Timeout in Layer Settings.
Fixed: AutoClose and Autostart menu items didn't work.

Added: Tooltip on the Layers with the information set via Layer Settings.
Added: With every new version of AA Console the previous settings are loaded (if exists).
Added: Slim Layer Export, this removes all userdata from a Layer and exports it.

Added: Capability to add comments to your Layers.
Added: Rename the Uninstall Strings of your Layers.
Added: German SVSDownloads site.

Fixed: When using Virtual Desktops, the console would not open on the correct Virtual Desktop.
Added: Right Click menu on tray icon with the layer actions.
Fixed: Right Click on Columnheaders could cause non fatal error message.
Fixed: Sometimes the console saved its location in a minus value when it was closed improperly.
Added: Start the Altiris Admin Console from the File menu (Requested)
Added: Less limited in a corporate environment.
Added: 2 Color Schemes as example, if you make you own, please share.


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You deserve a big 5 for great.


Regards Erik Dinamiqs is the home of VirtualStorm (

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Nice work.

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Just to say that will be useful the built-in feature for layer scheduling.
Rate 5 for my side!

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