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About Symantec Makes An About-Face

Created: 09 Oct 2012 • Updated: 03 Jun 2014 • 1 comment
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We recently launched a redesign of the About Symantec section of our website. This redesign is part of the ongoing updates to the look and feel we’ve been rolling out across the rest of the site. The higher level focus of the redesign is to better align the site with the company's larger goals - to focus more on the customer, to meet the needs of our diverse user-base, and reinforce our branding of "Protecting People and Their Information". 

As you will see, the new About landing page is laid out in a very magazine-like style with lots of imagery interspersed with content leading you to the story of Symantec. The user interface treatments and imagery are very corporate and professional befitting the section it represents.

The Careers section also emphasizes the use of great imagery. Photos chosen represent university recruiting, the diversity of staff, and the benefits of working for a large global company like Symantec. The page is personable and clean while focusing on action and drawing in relevant visitors.

Investor Relations is designed to keep visitors informed and engaged about the company. Providing easy access to important information like stock quotes, recent company news, and contacts are what all busy investors want. An updated, easier to follow navigation was released as well as UI changes that make finding what you need simple. Researching and keeping up to date with the latest on SYMC has never been easier.

The Government Affairs program is the primary resource for interaction with all levels of government around the world on policy, legislative, regulatory and related matters. This online marketing effort is intended to keep government agencies abreast of what is going on in the security realm. Outdated and irrelevant content was stripped from this page leaving the content shorter and to the point. Tabs are utilized to organize information such as: Legislative News, Recent Activities and other Resources.

Also, there are updated Company videos, as well as highlighted social networking and "Next Step" functions. The link to ‘About’ can be found across all pages of the site in the footer at the bottom of the page. Stay tuned for further updates to the site.
If you have any feedback, please leave them in the Comments field. We love hearing from you!

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Very nice layout on the about page.

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