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Add File in MSI Using ORCA

Created: 14 Dec 2007 • Updated: 14 Dec 2007 • 3 comments
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Application packagers know there are some vendor MSIs that just can't be edited with Wise but can be edited with ORCA. If, in such a case, we want to add a file to the package, we can't with ORCA because ORCA has limitations and can not compress the file. In these cases, you can follow the steps given below to add the file to the package.


  1. Make the .CAB FILE of the File you want to add using makecab command.
    Makecab [Source] [Destination]

    Where source = path of the file along with file name and Destination = Path where you want .CAB file.

  2. Go to Component Table
    1. Make a component with the name of the file you want to add.
    2. Set the directory column with the path where you want to install the file.
  3. Go to featurecomponent Table
    1. Associate the component made in step 2 with the feature (Complete in case of captured Application).
  4. Go to File table
    1. Add Row
    2. Give File name, Component column should contain the name of component made in step 2
    3. File Size column should contain file size in KB.
    4. Its attribute should be set to 16384 as file source type is compressed.
    5. Its Sequence column should be set to the last sequence in that table.
  5. Go to media table
    1. Add row with unique diskid, Lastsequence now should be set to the sequence no give in the file table & cabinet column should contain the name of .CAB file we made in step 1.


Limitations: You can add only one file in one cab. So this procedure needs to be repeated if there is more than one file to be added to the package.

To make a CAB file for multiple files run typr "iexpress"...

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R-Vijay's picture

Thats a nice tip. I would like to addin some info on Orca here..

When we edit a msi and save a table entry in orca, only that table gets modified and saved. That's not the phenomenon in any other tool.
Thats why, orca is able to create a MST easily while few other tools fail. This also helps in saving the time and CPU usage.

Good tip Pragyaa..


Microsoft MVP [Setup-Deploy]

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Harsh Mokal's picture

I am always curious about ORCA. (One Really Cool Application).Really good tip.

Thanks pragya

Enjoii Fesive Season....

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Multiple files can be added by using Makecab utility.
All one needs to do is make a directive file.
Follow below steps
1)Create a text file named 'config.ddf'
2)Copy the following lines into it:
.Set DiskDirectoryTemplate=.
.Set CompressionType=MSZIP
.Set Compress=ON
.Set Cabinet=ON
"file1.txt" file1.txt(name as it will reffered in file table )
"file2.txt" file2.txt

3)Keep the config.ddf and the files (file1 and file 2.txt )you want to add in same folder and use the following command
makecab /f config.ddf
4)If you manage to do all correct you will get a containing 2 files file1.txt and file2.txt

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