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Advanced Packaging Topics

Created: 14 Apr 2009 • Updated: 15 Apr 2009 • 4 comments
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Hi Connect Packagers.  I have agreed to speak at the San Diego Endpoint Management & Security User group.  They have asked me to talk about Advanced Packaging topics.

There are a couple of things that come to mind:  Driver Installation, Self Registration (DON'T DO IT), Upgrades and Patches.

If you were coming to an Advanced Packaging presentation, what would you like / expect to see.

Thank you for your input.

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user sequencing

how elevations works

what context am I in. how that context will affect immediate custom actions

deferred CA's and why they need Commit / rollback CA's as friends


self healing feature / component level healing

user profile fix up

sourcelist management / client side caching

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There is advanced and then there is advanced, so which level are we looking at (how deep does the rabbit hole go)?

If you have more time after going through John's nice topics I (if I would have been there) would want to find out more about adding coding to do the work (automation) by using:
"Wise Automation Reference" to build/update wise projects and create reports.
"Wise Software Repository Automation" to manage projects (ex. create a new project to be assigned to a packager), create reports and alike.
DTF (Deployment Tools Foundation) to get more functionality to Custom Actions.

Troubleshooting by using:
Windows Installer verbose log, Process Monitor, Debugger (ex. DebugView) in conjunction with Windows Installer Debug policy

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If you don't have come up with or missing the information regarding the topics John posted then he has already posted about these at John McFadyen's Windows Installer Blog

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Hey Scot,

Any output from the presentation?

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