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Agent-Side Logviewer: What Do You Mean I Can't Look at My Logs?

Created: 11 Nov 2008 • Updated: 11 Nov 2008 • 2 comments
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We all like the ease-of-use and access of the Altiris Agent logviewer application. It gives us quick and easy access to look at the agent-side logs. It is a bit cumbersome, and as the graphic below shows, you need to click the browse button to be able to view the other stored files on the computer.

One day, when needing to review the files for a problem that I was troubleshooting, I needed to look at some historical information in the logs, when lo and behold, I clicked on the Browse button and nothing happened. Why?

Well, I came to find out that a new security policy removing local administrator had been implemented. Access to this button, in the current agent code requires local administrator privileges to browse using the agent-side logviewer. If those rights are removed, then you will not be able to change files or folders.

As a workaround, downloading the contents of the Notification Server's Diagnostics folder (...\Program Files\Altiris\Diagnostics) to the local workstation, and running the Logviewer from that location will allow you to load and view any Altiris log files. This does require that .NET v1.1 be installed on the workstation.

Actually, this logviewer is much more flexible and useable than the agent side logviewer.

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Another way to make sure you can always get to the LogViewer is to put it (and the accompanying .dlls from the directory you referenced) into the default Inventory Solution Agent package on the NS (\\nsserver\NSCap\Bin\Win32\x86\Inventory Solution\). Then add a new program to your Inventory Solution package (can't find it? It is on Resources > Resources > Defaults > Package > Inventory Agent Package) that runs LogViewer.exe. It might be better to make a .bat file that launches the LogViewer.exe, so that you can run other tasks while the logviewer is open. Then, clone one of the existing Inventory policies and name it "_Launch LogViewer" and apply it to "All Windows Computers" collection.

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You only need to copy 4 files from the NS to run Logviewer on a local workstation:
* Logviewer.exe
* SourceGrid2.dll
* SourceLibrary.dll
* Altiris.Diagnostics.dll

Note: registering dll may help...

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