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All Videos From Symantec for All Versions of Exchange Backup and Restore with Netbackup!

Created: 01 Apr 2013 • 3 comments
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Its an excellent Tech Note by Symantec for All Avaialble Videos related to all Versions of Exchange Backups and Restore with Netbackup

I Want to share it because some new users and some new certified Netbackup would find it difficult to deploy Exchange server with netbackup and all documents and videos at one platform

VIDEO: NetBackup Support Screencast Demo - list of available videos

Links provided are to the technote for the video which contains the URL link to the video, as well as a full transcript of the video.
Exchange 2010
Exchange 2010 Backups
Exchange 2010 Restores
Exchange 2010 Other Topics
Exchange 2007
Exchange 2007 Backups
Exchange 2007 Restores
Exchange 2007 Other Topics
Exchange 2003
Exchange 2003 Backups
Exchange 2003 Restores
Exchange 2003 Other Topics
Non-Exchange Videos

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Hopefully this copy & paste from Symantec documentation will no longer be allowed....

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links

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Agreed - it's not exactly playing fair (unless you happened to write the TN in the first place I guess ...)

Edit - it is fine to copy/ paste small sections of technotes into your own article, but not the whole lot.  If you find something that was useful, it is better to write a article explaining the issue, and why you found the TM useful, and just add a link to it.

That way, if the TN is updated your article stays up to date as it is only a link.


Regards,  Martin
Setting Logs in NetBackup:
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Does Netbackup 7.6 support Exchange 2007 restores

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