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AllSeen and All-Embracing Alliance for Symantec

Symantec is now a Community Member of the AllSeen Alliance open source consortium, a collective effort to address fundamental use cases, in order to hasten the adoption and availability of the Internet of Things.
Created: 06 Aug 2014
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allseenalliance.pngI’m pleased to announce that Symantec has now added its full weight as a Community Member to the AllSeen Alliance open source consortium – the broadest cross-industry effort to address fundamental use cases, in order to hasten the adoption and availability of the Internet of Everything or Internet of Things (IoT).

Why has Symantec decided to join this initiative? Primarily because an open-source  framework, based on AllJoyn, will enable companies and individuals to create interoperable products that can discover, connect and interact directly with other nearby devices, systems and services, regardless of transport layer, device type, platform, operating system or brand. That includes the mobile devices consumers always have with them; the appliances and media equipment in their homes; the electronics in their cars; the office equipment in their workplaces… a very exciting prospect for all those involved with the alliance and a huge opportunity for Symantec!

To accomplish its goal for IoT, the Alliance will provide a common language for interoperation across all devices, operating systems, embedded software, utilizing any form of connectivity. This unification should drive an accelerated adoption of products, systems and services that support the IoT through an open, universal development framework.

This open source framework provides the core building blocks developers need to address discoverability, connectivity, security and management of dynamic, ad-hoc networks between nearby devices. AllSeen will be able to be utilized within a wide variety of use cases, and will allow widespread household adoption, although its usefulness will extend far beyond just the home.

Information is everything in our world (from data to identities to interactions) and we are dedicated to protecting it, so that it can be used simply, safely and quickly.

The AllSeen Alliance is clearly a great venue for Symantec to demonstrate our thought leadership and prove that we are not only the Information Protection authority, but, most of all, a reliable advisor to bring peace of mind and a much needed sense of trust.

Symantec has a vast number of assets that are highly relevant to the IoT world (such as storage, backup, discovery, compliance, user authentication, data loss protection, analytics, asset & service management, endpoint security, MDM/MAM, mobile security etc). We don’t just protect computers against viruses and shield the data center from threats; we protect information wherever it resides and however it may travel (at rest, in transit and at the endpoint).

As a tidal wave of constantly connected devices becomes the IoT reality, we aim to support the initiative through our security experience and leadership, be that in the area of User Authentication, Malware Protection, Mobile Device Management, Data Loss Protection, Backup, Discovery, Compliance, Analytics etc – in fact, wherever we can bring safety and security to a 24x7 connected world. Ultimately, Symantec wants to act as a reliable adviser within the Alliance, bringing that essential peace of mind and sense of trust mentioned above, while also demonstrating our thought leadership in the security arena – a key condition to IoT adoption and success.

We will be focusing on smart homes as a starting point, while also exploring ways to cooperate with other members of the Alliance.

Moreover, the timing is absolutely right. As the IoT gathers pace, things are getting smarter and everything is getting connected, whether that be wireless or wired, over a variety of protocols and bearers. But what is still missing? A shared framework and common language for communication. Smart things need to be able to recognise, communicate and interact with each other, regardless of manufacturer, type of device, OS or embedded software, connectivity type or compute resources available. This is where the Alliance’s codebase, built upon the AllJoyn Framework, will come to the fore, providing an open source communication platform for the Internet of Everything.

By being part of the Alliance, Symantec will, alongside other members, be contributing to and influencing the direction of AllJoyn services and features, so new products and applications can be created, secure in the knowledge that they will be interoperable in future roadmaps.

The connected experience is changing forever – and will change everything. We are passionate about accelerating these changes and will be looking to develop partnerships that create powerful commercial advantages by: sharing intelligence and influencing what happens; reinforcing our thought leadership where we can; and learning from and engaging with other members, as the alliance goes from strength to strength.