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Altiris 7.1 migration- End of week 3.

Created: 25 Jan 2013
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The white board sessions seems to get longer, and the endless syntex errors are just a blur dulled by time.

But we are making steady progress. Altiris 7 doesnt suck like everyone said it would, and other than a very crappy(Personal opinion) console design, everything is pretty smooth.

Things accomplished:

Hardware independent image done, took 3 days, completely modular.

Base Software installed through Unattended.xml. Again modular based on what we copy in to the partitioned image duing WinPE.

Agent installer logic build into WinPE with variables to install agent to the correct Parent/Child Server.

PCAnywhere tested and working perfectly.

SQL sort issues kind of resolved- gotta specify ASC and DESC on a few servers. So we just specified for all at the top and let hierchy replicate them down.

The Grocery List for next week:

Populate Software manager for SVS, Desktop Deploymen.

Win 7 32 bit for older systems.

Drivers for all previous models.

Win 7 pilot for group Policy assessment.


Yep, gonna be a relaxing weekend for once.