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And another EV SSL measurement -

Created: 29 Jan 2009 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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Just a few days ago I told you about Australian electronics online retailer Kogan and its measured sales increase of 30% when green address bars are present. The Kogan study demonstrates what I've believed for a long time, that responses to the EV SSL interface conventions and the associated assurance that you're dealing with a genuine and trusted business are universally positive for customers. Australians want to know they're not being scammed every bit as much as Americans and Europeans do.

I also believe this desire extends across industries. It's not just banks and online retailers. In fact, anywhere customers are sharing information they wouldn't hand to a stranger is a place where EV SSL should help transactions take place. Hence the industry's newest study, this one by The percentage of visitors on completing a quote went up 18% when customers saw green address bars as opposed to when they did not.