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Android Security: Where Do We Go From Here?

Created: 20 Jul 2011 • Updated: 20 Jul 2011 • 1 comment
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This year has been the worst for Android related security threats and I feel this is just the beginning. The SMS threats are not the most elaborate of threats,but they still pose problems. Attackers are using multiple payloads in there malware in order to give their malware more sophistication and more weapons. We are always in a constant war and now with mobile security threats rising to an extreme high we need to find new solutions in order for us to even have a chance at winning. Security is broken in Android and we need solutions that better protect us and not just mobile anti virus software,but new advancements in virus engines. Android is constantly being under attack by malware author's, but what's interesting is there starting to develop new features that are becoming tougher to beat. The multiple payloads in mobile malware and other impressive weapons are things that are very interesting to analyze, but a very beneficial weapon for attackers.

So where do we go from here? Well, there is no question that a lot of new solutions need to be developed in mobile security in order for us to help keep these threats small. We seem to be faced with a lot of different ways attackers are exploiting the Android platform like SMS trojans, remote malware injections, fake security apps, and etc. The fake security tactic has been around forever on the Windows side it seems, but it really wasn't a surprise to see attacker's shift that tactic to mobile devices. What surprised me was how impressive those fake security apps were and how social engineering was used as part of an add on to the attack. Attackers always seem to be right where the action is as far as popularity of technology goes and in my opinion this will never stop.  

Mobile malware is becoming one of highest areas for concern in the security community and if we don't do something soon to defend it we may be too late. Every time a new sample of malware targeting Android becomes known it always seems like they're is some remote connection to a third party server. In one way this is a genius move in my opinion for attackers, but in another it's a tough thing to defeat since this tactic is being used a lot in the wild. There is no question that attackers are finding their way around the Android platform and one things certain, they're very innovative in their strategy. 

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"Thumbs up" from me.  The past years have shown that Android has become a favorite target for attackers.  New threats are discovered daily.

Symantec presently has two AntiVirus products for defending Android (and Symantec Mobile Management, which has important security features).  The following article descrbes these two products and can help users choose which one is best suited for their needs. 

Comparing Symantec Mobile Security 7.2 and Norton Mobile Security 
Article URL

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