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Announcing Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center

Created: 30 Nov 2011 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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Today, Symantec is launching Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center as a generally available release after a successful public beta. Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center is a cloud-based service for enterprises to discover all SSL certificates, regardless of Certificate Authority (CA), and exercise end-to-end certificate lifecycle management.

The onslaught of news on security breaches related to SSL certificates such as weak 512-bit SSL certificates being issued by CAs, or stolen certificates being used to propagate cyber attacks, or even CA infrastructures themselves being compromised have created a strong need for a robust SSL certificate discovery and management system.   With clear visibility on their SSL certificate inventory, enterprises could ensure business continuity and minimize their financial risks and associated reputation damage though avoidance of unexpected SSL certificate expirations.   In the event of a security breach on any CA, enterprises could respond quickly using pertinent data to revoke the affected SSL certificates within their network environment.  In addition, with a centralized view of all SSL certificates across the entire organization, and automated SSL certificate lifecycle management, enterprises could minimize overhead and increase operational efficiency.

Recently, Symantec published a whitepaper discussing such aspects in more detail and how enterprises without the right tools at their disposal can be affected.

For the latest information on Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center, please visit watch an introductory video