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Announcing the Symantec Credential Exchange Program

Created: 08 Jun 2011 • Updated: 08 Aug 2012
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Given the events of the past 3 months, many of our customers have consulted us regarding mitigating the impact to their environment of the RSA SecurID breach. With the revelation that a breach at a major US defense contractor was perpetrated as a direct result of the attack on RSA, this question has become even more critical to answer. Time is of the essence for many organizations to protect their sensitive networks and applications from the fallout.

Symantec’s VIP Authentication Service is uniquely designed to address the concerns of customers impacted by the RSA SecurID breach, delivering:

  1.  A broad spectrum of authentication capabilities
  2. Customers can deploy traditional two-factor authentication, out-of-band authentication leveraging mobile devices, and risk based authentication from a single vendor
  3. Flexibility to deliver authentication capabilities tailored for any enterprise’s risk profile in today’s threat environment
  4. Independently audited Symantec-hosted infrastructure with a proven security track record
  5. 15 years protecting critical Internet infrastructure from attack including DNS root servers and security root keys for the internet
  6. Built on open standards
  7. Transparent and vetted by top security experts as best in class
  8. Unimpacted by recent RSA breach

To assist our customers and prospects in mitigating the impact,  Symantec is currently offering an Symantec Credential Exchange Program (initially in North and South America):

  • Symantec will rebate $5 for every RSA token or credential replaced with Symantec’s VIP Authentication Service
  • This rebate will be credited towards a 3-year subscription and available from now until September 30, 2011 for customers looking for authentication solutions to replace RSA SecurID
  • Symantec offers FREE software based credentials for desktops and mobile handsets that enables customers to download and replace existing RSA SecurID tokens without the cost, delay, and effort of mailing replacement tokens

The total cost of ownership for Symantec’s solution is as much as 60% lower than the cost of RSA SecurID. With Symantec’s VIP Authentication Service, customers get a lower cost alternative they can deploy immediately to address any concerns they have regarding the security of their environment.

Can’t wait to replace your RSA SecurID solution? You can deploy the VIP Authentication Service immediately with our free 30-day trial.