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another few tips with vxvm/vcs

Created: 13 May 2009 • Updated: 11 Jun 2014
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Here I put down some tips in the community, in case someone else suffers the same issue.

1. manually import agent/type
There is once a time, I have to install vxvm/vvr on a a server without X environment,  after done all the installation,   I found the problem I have to import few vcs types like RVG, RVGShared, RVGLogowner etc etc, that defined in file /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/  As I was using a citrix session and I am not allowed to install some X server software,  then that became a problem because I don't remember the syntax to so many commands,  normally I just import the file from hagui,  but not for this time.  Then what to do?   while later on, I got this tip from my friens,

/opt/VRTSvcs/bin/hacf -typetocmd /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/ -display

though the sumbcommand typetocmd is not showing up in man page or help page.   then all I need to is pipe the output into a text file and run it from command line,  simple as it is.

2. change hostname? what about vcs & vxvm
After change server's hostname, sometimes vxvm&vcs works without any problem, but sometimes not.  So the straight froward procedure is as below,
For vcs, change /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/sysname accordingly, the name inside this file will become the sys name within the cluster.
For vxvm
collect a copy of vxexplorer  (this is for backup purpose)
vxdg -h <new-hostname> deport dgname
vxdctl hostid <newhostname>
Change the hostname and IP address of the system
reboot server

3. vxvm 4.1 can only see the internal disk, not EMC disks?
This only happened with my case, not sure yours, if so, you might check my comments below

On the new M4000, with install of vxvm/vcs 4.1, we came across a problem that “vxdisk list” only recognize the internal disks, it ignores all the EMC disks, though they are visiable from format command.
Had tried “vxdctl enable” “vxdisk scandisks”, “cfgadm -c configure c2; cfgadm -c configure c4? “restart vxvm daemon”, still no luck.

Since solaris is already able to detect the EMC disk,  there must be something wrong with the device descovery with Veritas vxvm. So we digged around with vxddladm command.

prod1:/opt/VRTS/man # vxddladm listsupport all
============================================================================== SUN All VERITAS ATFNODES CSCOVRTS MDS9 ECCS All EMC SYMMETRIX  <-------------------------- here is the library to discover EMC disks FUJITSU GR710, GR720, GR730 HITACHI All HITACHI DF350, DF400, DF400F LSI INF-01-00 NEC DS1200, DS1200F, DS3000SL SUN T300 VERITAS RDACNODES SENA All IBM 2105 SSA SSA StorComp OmniForce VERITAS All IBM 2105 HP All

prod1:/root # vxdisk list <——– no EMC disks are recognized.
c0t0d0s2 auto:none – - online invalid
c0t1d0s2 auto:none – - online invalid

prod1:/root # vxddladm excludearray <————-here exclude the library for EMC and re-scan disks
prod1:/root # vxdctl enable
prod1:/root # vxdisk list

Disk_0 auto:cdsdisk – - online
Disk_1 auto:cdsdisk – - online
Disk_2 auto:cdsdisk – - online
Disk_3 auto:cdsdisk – - online
c0t0d0s2 auto:none – - online invalid
c0t1d0s2 auto:none – - online invalid

prod1:/root #

After includearray of, the disks will be gone again, we must exclude this library to get it going.
Not sure what is the side effects of excluding