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Application compatibility testing on Windows 7 with AOK Lite

Created: 29 Apr 2011 • 4 comments
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Application compatibility testing plays major role in all the migration projects. When it comes to migration from Windows XP to Windows Vista/7, we need to check if the application is compatible on the targetted operating system.

ChangeBASE AOK  is one of the automatic compatibility testing tools. AOK will check the application to see if there are any issues in migrating the application onto Targetted operating system. ChangeBASE relased a LITE version of the application available for testing purposes. Following is the link to try it:

AOK has the following features:

1. Check the compatibility of applications on Windows Vista / Windows 7

2. Check the web applications compatibility on IE8/9

3. Check a particular application can be sequenced/virtualized

AOK tool is not only capable of finding the issues but also it tries to fix some of the issues to make it compatible on the targetted operating system. AOK reports all the issues in 3 categories:

1. RED [Potential issues - AOK cannot fix]

2. AMBER [Issues - AOK can fix]

3. GREEN [No issues or AOK couldn't find issues]

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I work for ChangeBASE - The company behind AOK and AOKLite. You may be interested to hear that on the 17th May 2011 we will be releasing AOKLite v2 which will allow users to test 10 of their own applications for compatibility with:

• IE8
• Office 2010
• Windows Server 2008
• Windows 7 64-bit
• Virtualised platforms such as AppV and Citrix.

More info: AOKLite website

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I have tried AOK Lite myself and found very useful. Especially you can save a lot of time if you use ChangeBASE for compatibility testing and remadiation.


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To identify and solve the conflicts for Buisness Critical Applications, one need a a solution that can provide100% QA.

To address this requirement, we have developed a product QtestBASE. By using it, you can not only find the application compatibility issues but also the application inteoperability issues. It makes it possibe that not onyl the applications are comatible but also the workplaces, the end target of any migration and QA project ist working error-free.

Check the unique multidimensional analyse capabilities of QtestBASE. Here are some of them:

  • App2App (Conflict between two Applications)
  • App2All (Conflict Analysis between one given application and all other applications - This is important to check what happend when a new application is going to be deployed on the client target machine which already has a set of working applications)
  • App2OS(Conflict between Application and OS)
  • App2AppGroup(Conflict between application and an application group  (a group may be a set of middleware or runtime applications)
  • AppGroup2OS(Checking Runtime applications against OS)
  • Patch2App
  • Pacth2AppGroup
  • Pacth2OS

This multidimensional analyze, give you the power to say 100% QA is possible and available.

We offer a "Free Fingerprint" service. You can try it on the following URL:

If you have further questions, please contact me via Linkedin.

Abdus Salam

QtestBASE Product Manager

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QtestBASE follows the Dynamic Analysis doctrine of the Computer Science by physically testing the applications to provide 100% QA.

You can visit the following URL to have the further information:

If you have further questions, please let me know.

Abdus Salam

QtestBASE Product Manager

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