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Application State Capture job fails during a VM application aware backup.

Created: 23 Jan 2013
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Application aware Virtual Machine (VM) backup is a new feature that has been added in Netbackup 7.5. It lets the user protect the applications installed inside the VM by a doing a single VM backup. This is s a tremendous feature considering the pace at which the enterprises are moving towards Virtualization.

But at times we may see the Application State Capture is failing. This means that the applications inside the VM are not protected during that backup and it is only protecting the VM. There are certain thing that we need to take care while using the feature of application aware backup.

The Application State Capture (ASC) job fails and the databases are not protected if you do any of the following:

  • Disable the Virtual Machine quiesce option.
  • Select the Exclude data disks option.

As long as there are any databases that can be protected, the ASC job continues. If you select databases for backup that exist on supported and on unsupported disks, the ASC job produces a status 1 (partially successful). The ASC job detects these situations and the job details include the result of the backup operation.

SharePoint Server databases are not cataloged and backed up if they exist on the following:

  • Raw device mapping (RDMs). Make sure that the SharePoint virtual machine does not use RDM as storage for databases.
  • Virtual Machine Disk (vmdk) volumes that are marked as independent. Make sure that the SharePoint databases are not stored on independent disks.
  • Mount point volumes.
  • Virtual hard disks (VHDs).  If NetBackup detects any database objects on a VHD, the ASC job fails and no SharePoint content is cataloged. This exclusion includes any objects that do not exist on the VHD.
  • Any components that reside on a physical machine are not backed up with the VMware backup.