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Apply Your Corporate Policies with No Changes to Your Apps

Created: 28 Sep 2012 • Updated: 28 Sep 2012
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The new mobile enterprise makes life a lot easier for employees on the road but it brings many challenges for IT professionals, charged with ensuring the security of corporate data, the enforcement of corporate policies and the maintaining of regulatory compliance.

Departments want to deploy new mobile apps and distribute company confidential information. Employees expect to be able to "BYOD" - Bring Your Own Device - and use their latest consumer devices for both business and personal use.

Symantec App Center has been designed to make it easy for IT to manage in this environment. Our unique policy management solution requires no changes to the apps. No SDK's. No API's. And full support for both native and web apps.

IT can now pre-configure relevant policies to be applied to individual apps or groups of apps. Policy elements can include:

  • User authentication and re-authentication
    • Before the app launches, the user is required to enter their credentials

  • Local storage rules
    • Whether the app is allowed to write data to the local device
    • If so, whether the data is required to be encrypted

  • Offline access rules
    • Whether the app can be accessed offline
    • If so, whether PIN access is required for authentication

  • Document sharing
    • Whether document sharing from within the app is allowed
  • API access
    • Whether specific API's, such as copy/cut/paste and openURL, are allowed

  • Network access
    • Ability to restrict app to accessing specific servers, IP addresses and/or ports

Then when an app has been developed or sourced, simply apply the relevant policy before distribution.

When the user downloads and installs the app, all the policies are "baked in" and are automatically applied at runtime.

These policies and more can also be applied to content, such as PDF's and videos, with Symantec App Center's Content Center solution.

For more details and policy options, please refer to resources on the App Center product page on