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Assign Previous Comment to an Incident

Created: 30 May 2008 • 1 comment
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As everybody knows whenever the HelpDesk user edits an incident based on parameters set on tasks, leaving no comments about the change done, Altiris HelpDesk just place a comment with the changes in the history frame of the incident. For example:

If change the priority or even the status (could be any other value) it will appear in the comments field a message like this: Priority or Status Change from Old Priority/Old Status to New Priority/New Status.

For some customer, this is not acceptable just because you can be changing values that you don't want somebody else to see it. For these cases I found the way to get the previous comment and paste it in the new edit of the incident.

Below are the steps to make this work:

  1. Create an incident rule. Select a name for it.
  2. In the parameters to set, select the COMMENT field.
  3. In the comment to field paste the query below:

    HDQUERY [[select workitem_comment from Altiris_Helpdesk.dbo.hd_workitem_detail_view where workitem_number=WORKITEM(workitem_number) and workitem_version=(select MAX(workitem_version-1) from Altiris_Helpdesk.dbo.hd_workitem_detail_view where workitem_number=WORKITEM(workitem_number) )]].

    This query will get the previous comment of the incident.

  4. In the conditions area, use whenever version changes and the command field is empty. Also, use this rule every time the incident is saved.
  5. Click OK to apply the rule.

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There is a data macro that will do something similar. Set Comment equal to PREVIOUSITEM(workitem_comment) in your incident rule. This will set the comment to the last comment and also allows you to append to the comment with other text if needed. For more info on Macros, see the Helpdesk Solution Reference Guide.

Also, if your desire is not to have the end user view your comments, why not just use the checkbox for "Comments visible to guests"?

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