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Authenticating your website through SSL Certification

Created: 28 Jan 2014
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An SSL certificate is a mode of authenticating a website and securing the transactions, as well as the data communicated through the website by users. It is, therefore, a critical tool for any website that is involved in e-commerce or similar ventures. Any responsible webmaster understands the indispensable value of this tool to the success of their website.

The first step to have your website SSL certified involves acquiring an SSL certificate from the companies that deal in internet based security. These companies will create the certificate for the website as well as a private key. The private key is what enables the webmaster to use the certificate that they have acquired. Many times SSL certificate India providers, in order to boost the security of the certificate; will delete all copies of the key from their server. This means that a webmaster must store his or her copy of the key quite securely to prevent it from getting lost. The webmaster will need to sign the certificate and validate its authority. This process to obtain SSL certificate India is done via email. Where the email is delayed, it is useful to check the spam folder as it may inadvertently have ended up there. Once your SSL certificate has been validated and signed, the service provider will provide installation instructions.