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Netting Out NetBackup

Backing up the Elephants!

Created: 08 Feb 2012 • Updated: 22 Jan 2013
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PostgreSQL (commonly referred to as Postgres) is a powerful, open source object-relational database system. It is used by several prominent users including the International Space Station, Skype, Reddit, and Yahoo!

In a blog post last year, Backing up the Dolphins, we had announced support for backup of MySQL via NetBackup. I'm happy to now be able to announce the availability of a Postgres Agent for NetBackup, certified and available from Zmanda, our STEP partner and a specialist in backing up open source databases.

Zmanda's NetBackup Postgres Agent was developed using the XBSA API provided by NetBackup. The NetBackup XBSA interface allows Zmanda to create, query, retrieve, and delete data objects using NetBackup for data storage. The operations on the objects use the rules and policies defined and enforced by NetBackup. Examples of these rules and policies include what type of media the objects are stored on, number of copies, retention policies, scheduled operations, etc. This is very beneficial to NetBackup administrators, because they can apply the same processes and best practices they are used to with other NetBackup Agents to their Postgres backups. You can monitor backup and restoration of Postgres databases using the NetBackup Operations Manager.

The Postgres Agent is currently available for NetBackup 7.x to backup Postgres running on various flavors of Linux.

More information on this agent is available at the Zmanda website.